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  1. Wow I haven't been back on this board/thread in ages. =) It's so busy now! Just wondering... now that the message board on thebandwho.com is gone, does anyone know any good Travis message boards/forums other than the one on the official site? Thanks, Bryana
  2. Ooh, I love "The Last Laugh of the Laughter"! :D Bryana
  3. Doesn't he? Fran and Chris have the sexiest voices in the business. :D Bryana
  4. I know you'll get to see them again in the near future, so everything will be good in the end! :D I finally saw "Time" yesterday! Bryana
  5. I haven't seen "Time" yet ... do you know if it's online anywhere? :D I'm really looking forward to seeing them again ... September seems like such a long time ago now, even though it was only 7 months ago, LOL. Bryana
  6. Thanks for the recommendations! :D I think there are still some Chantal tickets left, but they're not very good seats. :( My Coldplay tickets are OK ... they're in one of the 300s sections ... I wanted 200s, but they didn't have those at the presale even though I was one of the first people through. :( Ick. Bryana
  7. For those of you in Canada who get MuchMoreMusic, they'll be showing an MMMProfile on Coldplay tonight at 8PM EST, and then All Access: Rock's Most Eligible Bachelors, which will include Chris, at 10PM EST. Bryana
  8. I do. :D Mine is under my Hotmail email address: [email protected] What's yours? :) Norah's such a talent ... I didn't end up buying tickets to her shows here in Toronto in July though. I'm trying to save money since I just spent around $100 on my Coldplay and Chantal Kreviazuk tickets. :) Did you catch Sarah Slean's set at Winterfest two weekends ago? And I've only heard a bit of Phantom Planet's stuff ... any recommendations? Bryana
  9. Oh wow, we must be twins. :-D "Writing to Reach You" was the one that got me hooked on the band. And I love Fran ... he's so cute. :) Bryana
  10. Aren't they great? :) I love them. Bryana
  11. The Beatles ... long live their music, no matter what people say about them already having had their time, moving on, etc. Good music lasts forever. :D Bryana
  12. Ooh, I LOVE "Hello Goodbye" too, and that cute "music video" from Magical Mystery Tour. :D Bryana
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