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  1. You got to see Coldplay live!!! You are one lucky bastard!! Anyway I'm happy about your project, I'm schooling so I've not really had the time to get on with other stuff. Regarding the new album, every bit of it is lovely. Despite the challenges I'm facing at the moment, everything is looking Up and Up. I may never get to see Coldplay live, but the fact that you did gives me much joy than ever! So, what's this project all about?
  2. The new album is just perfect. Everything's Up and Up for you, I guess we should be expecting a hymn for the weekend from you soon!
  3. Hey!!!! Sorry for the hiatus, changed my phone and completely forgot my password. In between that time, our beloved Coldplay released another album. Anyhow, I'm around for now..... How are you?
  4. I've never heard that song before... It alongside "Another's Arms" are two songs I'll probably never listen to due to negative publicity...
  5. I think "High Speed" sounds great especially at the end where there is a diminuendo and a reverberation of sounds in a repetitive manner...I usually feel like I'm trapped in a 70's movie whenever I listen to it...
  6. @i ran away:I just got some collected some coldplay tracks from a friend and it included "lonely view" & "plays",but what's strange is that the voices on those tracks do not sound like Chris at all...tnks for clearing that...
  7. Regarding my earlier post,I was asking if Coldplay ever performed songs titled "Lonely View" as well as "Plays"... Thanks!
  8. To the general public I want to ask:Did Coldplay ever do a song titled "Lonely View",maybe as a tribute like in "Lips like Sugar" or on a t.v show etc?
  9. @42escapist:That was enlightening,thank you...
  10. @i ran away:i've never listened to 1.36. Is the song 1:36 in length? Also what is 1.36 about,for those who have listened to it?
  11. Most overrated album:A Rush Of Blood To The Head- Besides Amsterdam,I Ran Away and a couple others,the album is pretty bland. Most overrated song:Shiver...good but not that good,wonder why it gets inordinate praise... Most Underrated album:I've got two here-X&Y and Mylo Xyloto.I think most fans got acclimatised to AROBTTH and expected X&Y to be more of the same,so I can understand their grouse with it.However it is by far my best album.I can go through 2 sittings without skipping a song! Mylo Xyloto is a deviation from conventional Coldplay.The Electropop sounds the heavy use of
  12. I thought Frank Ocean did a remix of Strawberry Swing-which by the way is so,so cool...
  13. @nvdmm:To however say that I need to have "valid constructive points & your own musical knowledge & favored parameters" before I can dislike a song,on a public forum is condescending to say the least.Do I also need those "favored parameters" before I can like a song? So if I have no knowledge of "song structure,production,melody,rhythm" e.t.c I have no right to say what songs I like or don't like? This is a forum for fans of Coldplay to come together to discuss songs,exchange ideas and critique.We are free to praise or critique any song in line with forum rules & I don't think y
  14. @nvdmm:I believe you have every right to think what you want.But,the way you sound it almost feels like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. To the issues raised:I don't think the thread is "utterly meaningless" as you put it.If you took your time to read through,you'd observe that I wanted to poll the least liked songs based on public opinion.Besides,I learnt a lot from comments by many oldplayers.From disliking "Trouble" & "Shiver",I have begun to develop a soft spot for them,thanks to this "utterly meaningless" thread. On the issue of criticism:I don't intend to take any cred
  15. I know this isn't pertinent to the thread,but is it true that Guy Berryman is worth £30m?
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