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  1. I wonder what was wp01_03 wp16_03 wp19_03 if you know what I mean at least I am missing them if they ever existed.
  2. Nice! Glad that I could help. Here are a few more of those pics I found on my hard drive.
  3. Hey there! I saved a few pictures and stuff during the viva era. Hopefully these are the ones you were looking for!??? let me know all images taken from coldplay´s homepage.
  4. Now I know why it sounded so familiar to me. And I mean both, the piano part and the second part of the song.
  5. They should come to DEICHBRAND FESTIVAL in Germany! I am working there at the stages :D
  6. Better than to have rihanna on such a beauty.
  7. Lol yes but in everyday life one could need a little parental advisory. Speaking of families. :)
  8. For the clean version you need to listen to the leak i guess :laughing:
  9. Ok, then the link posted in there will be harder to find now but it is still working i think.
  10. Couldnt resist those two flac files when i searched for them on reddit :rolleyes: :p
  11. This all gives me goosebumps like I never had again this strong since the vlv era. So freaking georgeous! They really reinvented themselves! Love them :moon: :sunrise:
  12. :stunnend: and loving it, both of the songs :eek: :moon::sunrise:
  13. If & when available :) But, isn't this at least some kind of tour announcement!? Wohooo :happy:
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