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  1. Now I know why it sounded so familiar to me. And I mean both, the piano part and the second part of the song.
  2. They should come to DEICHBRAND FESTIVAL in Germany! I am working there at the stages :D
  3. Better than to have rihanna on such a beauty.
  4. Lol yes but in everyday life one could need a little parental advisory. Speaking of families. :)
  5. For the clean version you need to listen to the leak i guess :laughing:
  6. Ok, then the link posted in there will be harder to find now but it is still working i think.
  7. Couldnt resist those two flac files when i searched for them on reddit :rolleyes: :p
  8. This all gives me goosebumps like I never had again this strong since the vlv era. So freaking georgeous! They really reinvented themselves! Love them :moon: :sunrise:
  9. :stunnend: and loving it, both of the songs :eek: :moon::sunrise:
  10. If & when available :) But, isn't this at least some kind of tour announcement!? Wohooo :happy:
  11. Talk and Magic have been b/w before, right!?
  12. Also likeable! Similar to my mentoning of old temples and stuff.
  13. Anyone out there who can prove this background picture is new or old? :uhoh: The original picture must have been some kind of a pencil rubber artwork on several layers of paper I think!? Do you also see this? If you look from a different angle into your laptop screen you can see this (doesnt work on mobile phones). Or download it from their website and change brightness and halftones with image editing functions e.g. I m curious of all the artwork to come!
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