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  1. I dont know if it has been posted before but has somebody already translated this!? https://www.instagram.com/p/CO3NtI7H7dU/?igshid=4lgv04636zol Is it just the lyrics for the higher power single or is it something else?
  2. "oh yeah you 've got a higher power you' re once in any lifetime I'm going a million miles an hour when for so long I've been down on my knees and your love song saved me over and over for so long" That part is just killing me (i m not sure what the correct lyrics are though) It is such an uplifting song! But I couldn't help myself and had to cry my heart out. Because for so long I've been down on my knees. #goosebumps #happines #tears #beatingheart #dance #love LOVE u guys 💜
  3. Here is an article about it if you meant that one. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-50490700.amp It will be interesting to see what changes they come up with and if they can achieve some of their goals.Ideas and plans are huge I guess. They want to be carbon neutral, use solar electricity and do not want to be sustainable only but actively beneficial to the planet. I wonder how that works out in the end. They already have their one tree planted merchandise collection in the store and have a partnership with the ocean cleanup project. Small steps, better than
  4. A dream come true would be Coldplay playing at DEICHBRAND FESTIVAL in Germany! Because festivals are festivals 🙂 See u in 2024 or so
  5. Long enough to listen to it a 100 times 😛 Now I have it stuck in my head already
  6. They just took it down I think. It was still available for public half an hour ago but its gone now, at least I cant see it anymore.
  7. I wonder what was wp01_03 wp16_03 wp19_03 if you know what I mean at least I am missing them if they ever existed.
  8. Nice! Glad that I could help. Here are a few more of those pics I found on my hard drive.
  9. Hey there! I saved a few pictures and stuff during the viva era. Hopefully these are the ones you were looking for!??? let me know all images taken from coldplay´s homepage.
  10. Now I know why it sounded so familiar to me. And I mean both, the piano part and the second part of the song.
  11. They should come to DEICHBRAND FESTIVAL in Germany! I am working there at the stages :D
  12. Better than to have rihanna on such a beauty.
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