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    Fix you
  1. I'm looking for 1 ticket (standing) yellow for June 16th or June 19th. If you have any ticket, please contact. Thanks.
  2. I really need 3 tickets for Wembley 18/6 :( anyone can sell them to me?
  3. I really need 3 green standing/unresearved tickets :( anyone can sell them to me :(
  4. I'm still confused about red and blue area in the layout. How can i buy tickets for those areas?
  5. Yes. I have already bought the yellow section ticket but i really want to access to red area :(
  6. yes :( i already bought the yellow section ticket, but i really want to access the red area in front of the stage
  7. How can i access to blue and red area? I have never been to any concerts yet so this is new for me. Sorry.
  8. Hello and welcome to the Coldplaying community, minhku! Enjoy your stay and feel free to introduce yourself on the 'new members' section :) If you have an Android or Apple device, please try out our new mobile app. It's easy to use, fast and connects to the full site. It's listed as 'Coldplaying' on Google Play or 'CPing' on the iTunes store. Links are also at the top of the page. We're excited for the upcoming tour and we will post tour dates on the 'Coldplay live' section, as soon as the band announce them. Now would be the perfect time to make friends in our community, ready for the greatest celebration ever! Have a great day -Sparky & the Coldplaying.com team

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