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  1. 1) Rio April 2016 - Crazy atmosphere, the band sounding sharp, amazing C-stage setlist with Parachutes, Shiver and A Message. Couldn't ask for much more! ----Haven't seen the shows below live--- 2) Live 2006 in Toronto - Some of the best Coldplay live performances, like Trouble & Swallowed In The Sea. A great ending to Coldplay's best era IMO, X&Y 3) Glasto 2012 - 2005 comes very close but Coldplay were top drawer that night 4) Paralympics closing ceremony London 2012 - Unique and unforgettable :) 5) Live 2003 - Live 2012 comes close but the more simpler production of the 2003 D
  2. Thank you everyone! Mojan - Yes I'll still have this account.
  3. Ok guys, the time has come! Not like I've been that active on here lately but I'm no longer admin. It's all Stephen's now :P I'll say hello from time to time and if I do go to another concert in the future, i'll be sure to stop by :) Caio!
  4. Here it is :) https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10154308632348624
  5. Just got back from the concert. My final one and what an awesome atmosphere (even at the back - minus the smokers!) Probably just a bit better than Wembley on the Saturday. Got a video of Til Kingdom Come / Du Hast at the C-stage. Getting the upload sorted :)
  6. Does anyone know what time Coldplay are on stage tonight?
  7. I'm gonna be there from 7pm I think. Last Coldplay concert for a while :o and my final Coldplaying one (as admin) :( Should be a great show! :D
  8. What a great show! Fix You, Charlie Brown, ASFOS, Stayin' Alive and the Viola Beach tribute were my favs :) Viola Beach were #2 in the iTunes charts I think. Massive impact!
  9. Setlist so far (according to setlist.fm): TKC is back for the 2nd time this era I think. A Head Full of Dreams Paradise (with Tiësto remix outro) Clocks Hymn for the Weekend "Heroes" (David Bowie cover) Adventure of a Lifetime Til Kingdom Come
  10. Replay, replay, replay :D https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10154295382248624 Chris should really keep his political opinions to himself. A lot of Europe are under the presumption the UK 'hates' Europe (was laughing when I heard the boos for the British flag. Poor Jamie and Linus! ;) ) but the media are only interested in publishing 'panic' stories about how everything is in turmoil. Switzerland (where Coldplay played) and Norway are not in the EU. They have no issues welcoming people and aren't disconnected from other European countries. Chris was talking as if it's a terrible thing
  11. Omg they played Amsterdam! See Cping Fb for the vid. Show started off dead atmosphere wise but kicked off about half way through. Worth going just to hear Amsterdam live. It wasn't even acoustic, it was full band at the end!!
  12. Might broadcast on Periscope later. Depends on the connection. Someone please embed on here if I go live under Coldplaying
  13. I've slowly moved myself just behind the barrier at C stage haha :)
  14. Only just got here at 7 30 pretty close to the C stage :) I'm 6 ft 3 btw and feel like a midget here haha
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