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  1. Today I'm mad for Strawberry Swing / Ink / True Love and definitely Up&Up.
  2. Ten years listening to TKC and just this year it blew my mind. Glad I heard it live in Chile too.
  3. Come on, Coldplay, give us something to scream about, like the first time they played See You Soon...
  4. The playback on HFTW is huge too, at least the voice in the chorus...
  5. I can't stand this, "Always in my head" is just too much for me :bigcry:
  6. Be prepared... In their concert in Chile I couldn't stop crying from the beginning until Birds came out, then I cried a lot in other songs too hahaha (Fix You, Army of One, Up&Up...).
  7. Is there anybody recording this? Probably one of the best streamings of the tour so far!
  8. I really like this track, on my AHFOD top 3 right now (with Army of One and Up&Up)
  9. allan_2015


    Still, I loved the song, it's just the live version is more "organic", to say something.
  10. Es tiempo de revivir este hilo :laugh3:
  11. allan_2015


    I don't know if somebody said this before, but after hearing this songs a lot for the last 2 days it's quite clear to me that Up&Up comes from the same place Atlas came. I mean, the chords progression and the final woooo, which is not a bad thing, 'cause I freaking love Atlas.
  12. allan_2015


    I instantly loved the song, god damn the album is gonna be so HUGE!
  13. Thanks a lot for your welcome. :):viva:
  14. Hello there! I don't really know why it took me so long to arrive to this forum, but well, tadá :D My name is Allan and I'm from Chile. I've been following the band since 2007, just after they visited Chile. I was so angry when they cancelled the southamerican tour, especially 'cause I loved Mylo Xyloto. My favorite songs: 1- A message 2- Death and all his friends/Up with the birds/Atlas 3- O/Everything's not lost/Always in my head 4- I ran away/Strawberry swing/I ran away 5- Don't let it break your heart And... I have a band, is called Morgan, and we've made some Coldplay c
  15. Hello and welcome to the Coldplaying community, allan_2015! Enjoy your stay and feel free to introduce yourself on the 'new members' section :) If you have an Android or Apple device, please try out our new mobile app. It's easy to use, fast and connects to the full site. It's listed as 'Coldplaying' on Google Play or 'CPing' on the iTunes store. Links are also at the top of the page. We're excited for the upcoming tour and we will post tour dates on the 'Coldplay live' section, as soon as the band announce them. Now would be the perfect time to make friends in our community, ready for the greatest celebration ever! Have a great day -Sparky & the Coldplaying.com team

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