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  1. I desperately need one extra ticket for the Cardiff show on Tuesday 11th July (Standing). If anyone has one please let me know! I'll buy you plenty of drinks in return. Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone.. Wanted to give a genuine fan first dibs before I advertise elsewhere! Please let me know quick if interested. Cardiff Principality Stadium, Cardiff. Tuesday, 11 Jul 2017 at 5:00 PM 3x Pitch Standing & Unreserved Level 1 Seats £239.25 1x Transaction Fee (what's this?) £6.50 Total £245.75 We are now going to the Wednesday show (12th July) at Cardiff. More of our friends got tickets for this show and had spares so we've decided to ditch the Tuesday and go for the Wednesday. Unfortunately can't afford both!! :bigcry:
  3. Hello everyone, Just to let you know that I emailed Wembley and the replied saying the following; "A decision has been made to unsegregate these areas so as long as you have standing tickets, you'll be able to find your friends. With this being the case, you may be entering through different gates." So like a lot of you know, there is no green / yellow zone anymore. There was a general sale earlier today where they released more tickets for all the shows, annoyingly I missed out on another couple for Saturday 18 June. If anyone has a spare couple then please let me know ASAP. Thanks, Ben
  4. Hey, Mine and my friends tickets have arrived for the show on June 18th. But I can't work out if we are in the yellow or green zone? I heard someone say they are getting rid of this anyway? Can someone confirm for me. I have to enter via entrance H or J (North West Ramp) and they are going in M or N (South West Ramp). Will we not be able to stand together? Thank you in advanced for any help!
  5. These tickets aren't for sale any more. Thanks guys.
  6. 2 x Wembley Stadium, Saturday 18th June, 2016 Pitch Standing / Level 1 Seats I bought four originally but we are only using two, so selling the other two. £72 each. I didn't get these in the pre-sale, so unsure whether they will be green or yellow standing, but they will all be in the same section. Thanks. P.S. Put these on Gumtree too so apologies if someone snaps them up first.
  7. On an old Macbook which I used in my University days. I need to try and bring it back to life as it's the only place I have them saved!!
  8. Wow! Coldplaying lives on. First joined this site after watching the band at Earls Court back in 2003! God knows what my previous username is to be so I've started again. Chris took my phone and called my friend during 'Talk'. My digital camera was dead so luckily a guy we met down at the front took some great pictures and we exchanged them on here. Yes.. You had to take a bulky digital camera with you those days too! No iPhone's that's for sure. Hope everyone got tickets today.. :P
  9. Hello and welcome to the Coldplaying community, ben85! Enjoy your stay and feel free to introduce yourself on the 'new members' section :) If you have an Android or Apple device, please try out our new mobile app. It's easy to use, fast and connects to the full site. It's listed as 'Coldplaying' on Google Play or 'CPing' on the iTunes store. Links are also at the top of the page. We're excited for the upcoming tour and we will post tour dates on the 'Coldplay live' section, as soon as the band announce them. Now would be the perfect time to make friends in our community, ready for the greatest celebration ever! Have a great day -Sparky & the Coldplaying.com team

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