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  1. You are problably right; I should stop to criticize criticism and turn to something I like! Sorry for any disturbances. :grinning:
  2. Criticism is always a reflection of one’s ability to understand someone or something, I guess. After all it´s just a personal opinion, nothing else. When we start to give opinions to much weight and start to take ourselves too serious is where we start hurting others. We believe and start to give other the impression that our opinion is the right one. But the truth is, that the moment you understand what this song or whatever is about, you would probably never arrogate to yourself any criticism… It doesn´t help that you wait long to tell that a song is dull or whatever – it doesn´t hurt people who loves the song less, to hear something that they can connect to and soothes them being put down by somebody. I know it´s just your opinion and that is just a reflection of your state in life, but could it be, that when something you don't like gets so important to you, your problem is not this song but something else? But really that is just my point of view! :)
  3. [ATTACH=full]5322[/ATTACH] So maybe someone here can clear this up! Is this a sign for a. Illuminati meets back to the future? b. Three muffins please? c. An Afor Annabelle? Who can tell? :crown:
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