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  1. I feel a concert does not exclusively have to consist of feel-good songs...I don't understand why the darkness and rockiness of Everyday Life songs can't be embraced just like GS songs were fitted into the AHFOD Tour setlist.
  2. I hope they actually do continue until their old age...a world without Coldplay is something I don't even want to imagine.
  3. Higher Power vs Champion of the World
  4. In my Place (Live in Buenos Aires with Will singing vs. Death Will Never Conquer (Live Will singing)
  5. I read up on the success of Blinding Lights yesterday and I saw that the Weeknd has used EXACTLY the same word about Max Martin, curiously. That they have a great friendship and it's like a marriage that has come together...
  6. Welcome to the forums! And yeah I absolutely agree with you.
  7. Could be some truth in there because in that one interview with Will and Guy, Guy was asked if they tried to record an 80s sounding song and he said that it was not at all planned, but while working on it they realized the song was asking to sound like this....
  8. Not gonna lie, hearing in a couple of interviews (e.g. Zane Lowe) today that Chris had to audition the songs for Max Martin before the producer decided if he would work on them gave me traumatic pre-AHFOD album release flashbacks. Because in interviews back then Chris said the exact same thing about Stargate. I know Max Martin is leagues above Stargate, but still i feel this spells no good for the album. I feel like all recent albums where big name producers had a power over the band's input weren't as good as the ones where the producers were less high-profile people who grew up alongsid
  9. Yeah, my hopes are also on not all songs of LP9 being poppy. And I hope the Asian influence on the backig vocal melodies in Higher Power is pursued in more depth. We know that Chris at least worked with Jacob Collier recently too, so he might be on LP9 as well.
  10. Sadly, as you said they would never do this. I'm afraid they have also moved well beyond the sound of that brilliant song by now...
  11. It might be! After the success of the For You shake and the Scientist breakdance it will become massive.
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