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  1. I have a close personal connection to most Coldplay songs and albums, but the album X&Y speaks to me the most because it just represents exactly my seemingly permanent outlook on life - caught between awe and melancholy, traying to make sense of it all.
  2. yeeah By the way making old thread links work again is something I think would be of great importance. So many people keep asking about them.
  3. The new design is a million times better and more clearly structured imho, great job @stephen!
  4. And White Shadows should still be up !
  5. Square One demo snippet now !!!! https://ia601401.us.archive.org/27/items/square-one-2004/SquareOne2004.mp3
  6. The snippet played in the VLV documentary is this one: @ColdplayBootlegs I would DIE for the three Talk demos
  7. Would you be able to share the photo in the highest quality ?
  8. Fun fact, this was very first time I saw Coldplay live ❤️
  9. Yeah, i think we heard that one. I think it sounds gorgeous, unfortunately it never leaked in full... And about the pic, maybe someone can make it sharper?
  10. Wow. Interesting, I know exactly what music you're referring to. I just wonder how you know which song is which 😄 I can't make out any lyrics, but I presume this is Mining on the moon ? And the last song here "The Butterfly" ? Also, what about One Day ?
  11. The old downloads subforum seems to be entirely gone. Any way to bring it back (I mean the threads etc)? Also, one feature I particularly miss are the Coldplay album smilies like :arobtth: etc
  12. Hi, that's so cool ! Do you actually have those songs though (in particular Mining on The Moon) ?
  13. I'm confused. This (5 mins, Kaleidoscope lyrics) is the version that leaked a few weeks ago. It is what is generally perceived the Ghost Stories version ? What is the version you call the Ghost Stories version ? Where did you hear that ? (Also reminder: Sorry, but no links allowed in this thread)
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