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  1. A Message vs Swallowed in the Sea
  2. Yeah, agree. They are definitely working old ideas from the MX Era, so the new album might be a spiritual successor to MX. Just like Everyday Life was a spiritual successor to VLVODAAHF in terms of soundscapes and album composition.
  3. Glass of Water vs Life in Technicolor ii
  4. SO sorry, I forgot! I will try to prepare my mixtape tonight and send it to you
  5. No. He just doesn't have Coldplay in his bio all the time
  6. Happy 15th birthday to perhaps the greatest Coldplay song of all time! #Talk15
  7. Welcome back, long time no see! Ah yes I remember those times. I wish the forum was as active and buzzing as it was back then...
  8. Yes, absolutely! Love doing it 😄 Have you ever seen Coldplay perform a rare song live?
  9. No never yet! Have you ever baked a cake?
  10. Warning Sign vs Brothers and Sisters
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