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  1. The capacity for the corn exchange is 1500 so presumably they'll be selling tickets on the day
  2. The rock out bit at the end of one i love live. Every gig jonny plays a different solo.
  3. Josh Pearson


    could you send me a copy of the advert to [email protected] please or you could jus set up a link on this thread.
  4. i like your dedication owenrees_73
  5. yeah its the first of june and apparently its gonna be in edinburgh. I'd imagine it will be broadcast live as its so close to the album release!
  6. Where r coldplay gonna be next! Holland, Germany, Spain in a few days then that mtv show here in England. Any1 know any other shows they r playing in the next week or two? I look forward to seeing the setlist and review from the germany gig!
  7. i look forward to checking out the setlist on here later on!
  8. so have i, i doubt she'll ignore both of us.
  9. like most of you i read about the sero theory tracklist on quite a few sites but does anyone know where that rumor came from? Do songs like Echo My Name and Fury actually exist. I guess this is a question for debs
  10. jonny's solo on AROBTHH is brilliant. coldplay r one of the few bands that r sometimes better live than they r on record and thats saying something
  11. I'm not sure that chris would undermine his mates band by putting out his version. Has anyone outside the UK heard of Embrace or heard the song
  12. Where did u find out about the b-sides?? is it definite
  13. For me its gotta be one i love or moses!
  14. was that a joke or an actual song!!!
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