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  1. Thank you so much for uploading! I've been searching this version for months and hopefully when I get wifi I'll have no problem downloading it. Thanks again! hank you
  2. Bit disappointed that Hypnotised isn't being played but Something Just Like This is. I guess their concert now is all about jumping & shouting instead of a talent show. Sadly the setlist was the same just like their other concerts. But all and all it was a great performance by them. First time seeing them live and they really know how to perform stadiums!
  3. No Jonny solo? This new Hypnotised is pretty boring tbh, no highs and lows and pretty much the same tone throughout the song. Where are all the sparks Coldplay used to have? I hope not another disappointment from this EP.
  4. Well I don't know, but for me when a timeless band from the last decade is willing to collab with the hottest trash in the market right now, you can approximately see where they're heading to. Chainsmokers is so famous right now thanks to their 13 yo audience with ADHD that will and only like bouncy music. Don't you think Coldplay is trying to reach out to the new set of audience instead of moody adults that listens to Parachutes that doesn't generate much revenue? Well of course that's just my piece of cake you can disagree with.
  5. Moving to Mars

  6. Cheap music, trashy club sounds and catchy tunes that'll be forgotten in days. I'm quite disappointed with Coldplay really. Didn't knew they'd go for this direction to trash their band name just for the sake of cash and fame.
  7. Does anyone of you have the link to the full concert video of Coldplay's performance on itunes festival 2011? Thank you in advance :)
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