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  1. Dude - wow, just wow. Really really good - so much diversity of sound and emotion. It just... spices up my day when I listen to it, I'm in love with this!
  2. Awesome. Thanks @I ran away for putting this together, and it was fun to chat with you and @yoyo2000 and @YeahWeDo_YeahWeDo. I have to go but I'll see you around :) Have an early merry Christmas for now :)
  3. Yes, I have time for one more song :D
  4. Oh, I remember THIS ONE hahaha
  5. Looks awesome Completely forgot that 2000 miles is a Christmas song lol
  6. I think my favorite version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Coldplay :)
  7. I came back a few days ago, just didn't post, but found out about this party and decided to join :)
  8. Ready to feel all Christmas-y lol
  9. Sweet, I'm in! 1 minute remaining...
  10. Rainy Day reminds me of my childhood and asking my parents if I can go to my friend's house :P Low reminds me of when I used to travel a lot to work and just thinking about life... Just wanted to say that's very sweet :blush:
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