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  1. Edited after I saw, my bad. Was that you that reposted on the Facebook event page, the screenshot? :p
  2. They have open availability from August 29 to September 21, looking at the tour date page. An NRG Stadium employee that people have been following on instagram for updates says they'll supposedly be rescheduling for September, but it's not confirmed on any official social media (see attached image).
  3. At least we have another film and live album to look forward to :'(
  4. "Hi everyone in Houston We really wanted to play tonight, but sitting here all together watching the news about the storm we feel that we can't ask anyone to put their safety at risk. So, sadly, we will have to postpone. We will give details of rescheduling/refunding as soon as we can. We are really sorry for the inconveniences this will cause. Stay safe and see you soon. Love Coldplay" Posted on their official Facebook page.
  5. I'm not going to presume anything right now. It's best for us to just wait for the official news as painful as it is, instead of thinking of what-ifs. I'm sure that if they choose a later date, they will give an option for people to get refunds if it doesn't work with their schedules.
  6. Via Live Nation: "Due to Hurricane Harvey, tonight’s Coldplay concert at NRG Stadium has been postponed. Ticketholders will be updated when there is further info. We urge all fans in the area to stay safe." My heart is broken, but postponed doesn't mean cancelled...so far. :'(
  7. Good (or rather, not so good) morning, Coldplayers! Considering this is quite the PR nightmare, judging by the upset people on the Live Nation and NRG Park Facebook pages, I would expect them to announce something before their projected noon time, likely around 10-11am. From the way it looks via the Weather Channel, it's not really that bad since the storm has shifted south a bit. The thing that seems to be bad is the lack of gas in some areas of Houston that locals are supposedly reporting on social media, though for all we know, it's isolated areas and people are blowing that out of pr
  8. I can't sleep knowing that we have to wait until NOON to find out anything. I was hoping to leave before noon from ATX. I have a feeling that it's likely going to be cancelled without a reschedule date and I honestly can't cope with that. :( Yes, I've seen them dozens of times, but this is my first time actually spending hundreds on floor seats now that I can afford them. Coldplay is practically my everything.
  9. "Hold on hold on, turn the lights on. For one song, everybody put your phones away. Let's all come together for one song and put your phones away. Now 1-2, 1-2-3-GO!" I've been to WAY too many of their concerts, can you tell?
  10. Of course, but it ain't that easy. I didn't buy through Ticketmaster so I won't get the automatic refund; I bought at the venue directly not with a card of my own.
  11. Let's just all calm down and wait until they give us an official word after their 2pm meeting. There's no use arguing over something as unpredictable as the weather. If they cancel, it really sucks, but things happen. I'm only happy I saw them in Chicago last week if that's the case. :/ I'll be out $500 just for the tickets alone because I didn't get travel insurance, not including the hotel and other costs. If they postpone, that's unfortunate too, but it's better than outright cancelling. If they decide to continue the show, then that's great! There's some of us more than willing to
  12. As of this moment, it appears as though it won't be cancelled. They said if it was cancelled, they'd give 24 hours notice. If it's not cancelled by 7pm tomorrow, then it will be going on without a doubt.
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