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  1. when your 5 year old (german) wants you to play her a music video "... you know, where the boy sings sometimes softly, sometimes loud ..." ... how much better can you described "something just like this"? :p
  2. Thank you! I don't know how the postal service there is, so lets wait and see and hope it gets there one day ... you are right, it has to travel a very long way.
  3. I know how you feel, also still waiting for a message here
  4. besides seeing my kids while we decorate the tree and make things like candied almonds, it's the best part for me :)
  5. this is a picture from Frankfurt, looks simular to me, but as I said, I am relativly new to all of this
  6. Wasn't the butterfly confetti used during the AHFOD tour? I am sure it's the same ones ... but since I am only "infected" since the 30.6.2017, I wouldn't even know
  7. So excited, i just got mail :kissing_heart: Merry Christmas!
  8. I do while driving a car, which doesn't happen very often and usually just for short distances. Funny enough when I started the car earlier, Paradise was playing on the radio :p
  9. really? i know a lot of people that have the same effect once the song becomes popular and will be played on the radio about every hour hate is a very strong word, i guess getting bored and not wanting to listen to it describes it better, so usually i start changing radio stations ... but as i said before, i am not that much into music anyway, so maybe that's the reason why
  10. I am afraid that's what this song sounded to me like for many many years, only changed my mind about it after I saw it performed live, but it's still not my favourite. Catchy yes, but if overplayed on the radio also very annoying.
  11. Keep that attitude for a lot of things in your life and it will get a lot easier ... everybody is entitled to their own likes, dislikes and opinions. How often I ended a discussion with "Let's agree to disagree" before there was a serious damage in the relationship to a person I really like and would like to be in my life. Not worth giving that up over something you might have an opinion on, but can't change somebody else's thinking anyway ... at least in my opinion.
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