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  1. Ho ho ho! Without giving too much away, I can tell you two things: 1) You're not on my naughty list 2) Your card or package had quite a distance to travel, so depending on when exactly it was sent and the usual possible Christmas delays, it may very well be still on its way to you I'll send a PM to your matches asking if they've received your packages!
  2. Ho ho ho! Your very generous Secret Santa is @charliefix :)
  3. Ho ho ho! I understand some of you are a little bit worried. We try to prevent it every year by repeatedly reminding people to respond to PMs, but we sometimes don't hear back from people which is a shame. However, there's no need to panic at this stage, since many participants tend to wait until Christmas to open their packages and post a thank you, or don't find the time to post until they're less busy. The Holiday period is approaching now, or has already begun for some, so hopefully we'll see some more activity in this thread soon :) @iamsue and @Mortilorie , I've sent a PM to your m
  4. Ho ho ho! Everyone should have received their match, so please check your inbox and confirm you have all the info you need :) Some reminders: - Please send your card or package as soon as possible, preferably before the end of this month especially if it has to travel across an ocean, because that can take weeks - When you've sent your card, send me a PM - When you've received something from your Secret Santa, take a picture of it and post it in this thread so everyone can see what it looks like! Or at least let me know in a PM Love, Santa
  5. Ho ho ho! Thanks to everyone who has joined this year's Secret Santa! It's great to welcome so many of you :) The (hopefully) definitive list of participants is in the first post, hidden under the spoiler button. Everyone who has sent in their details should be on that list. If that's not the case, I may have asked for a clarification ...or one of the elves has misplaced your PM. If you did send me your details but you're somehow not on the list, check your inbox/let me know asap! Everyone will receive their match by next week, Tuesday 12 November 11:59 pm CET.
  6. It's me, Santa! Live from the Grotto (I've got an internet connection there these days, technology catches up with us all)
  7. Ho ho hoooo Thanks to everyone who has signed up already. Today is the last day to do so! As a little extra this year, one lucky participant will also receive an Everyday Life CD from an extra Secret Santa nicknamed 'Coldplaying'...
  8. Ho ho ho The elves and myself would like to remind you all that you have just over two days left to sign up for this year's Secret Santa! (@Coldplayernidia @Tom Cohen @jeremyy just mentioning you here since you expressed interest but I haven't received your PMs yet. If you no longer wish to join then that's perfectly fine & just ignore this :) )
  9. Ho ho ho! One week left to sign up. Don't forget to PM me your details, replying in this thread does not count ;)
  10. Ho ho ho! Don't forget you're not actually signed up until you've sent me your address and preference & I've added you on the list in the first post
  11. Ho ho ho! *blasts Christmas music* It's that time of the year again! This is the 11th annual Coldplaying Secret Santa. You could say it's about to hit puberty. Here's how it works: * You have the option to choose between sending a card to your own continent or another continent. For example: Europe to Europe or Europe to North America, South America, Africa, Asia or Australia * If you would like to join this year please let us know asap. The deadline for signing up is Tuesday 5th November, 11:59 PM CET. We need the following information: - Your name and address; please
  12. Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas everyone!!! Love seeing everyone's pictures of what they got, it all looks amazing! And don't worry if you haven't received anything yet, the post moves in mysterious ways, especially around this time of year
  13. Ho ho ho! er, I don't know whose idea it was to make a big inflatable me in the bath. Anyway, just a little reminder that, since it's almost December, it's time to start sending your cards, especially if they have a long journey ahead. Looking forward to seeing the pictures of what you all received! Enjoy the festive season everyone! Santa
  14. So sorry to hear that :( but yes I can swap your name for @iamsue. If you could somehow find out if you can receive post in the hospital, I'm sure the elves would love to work something out for you
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