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  1. Yeah, and releasing a single from actual space was just one of the casual things they do. (...jk, you're right)
  2. I don't even know what to say... I waited until 1AM my time for the premiere and listened to the song twice. I'm at my family's weekend house and this is my view right now (long exposure shot). I sat in a chair and just listened for 20 minutes while staring at the sky. I can't describe what an amazing experience this was. Last time I had a similar moment back when Everyday Life had its premiere live in Jordan at 5AM my time. What a ride. What a song. Thanks Coldplay.
  3. It's weird because I was getting good vibes from the individual snippets of My Universe, and when the trailer snippet came I was sure the song would be fantastic. After listening to the whole thing today I'm disappointed and that's coming from someone who likes ASFOS and can live with SJLT (because of the outro that screams Coldplay). My Universe sounds like a BTS song with Chris being featured and not the other way around - and especially not Coldplay. The entire time I was waiting for the band to kick in or at least an explosive outro... It never came. The lyrics are cringy and generic,
  4. I don't think Life Is Beautiful will appear on the album. At least not in the way we know it - the song might just share a similar melody. It wouldn't be the first time either (e.g. Wedding Bells -> Christmas Lights) LIB is a newer version of Spanish Rain, and it seemed like they only play it live for the fans in South America. I don't see them chanting "ole ole ole" in a major album track lmao
  5. Whenever someone mentions a soundcheck I think of "A View From The Top" You said you had a file to compare it to. That means we must have heard the song before no? Could be The Race too.
  6. Just realized the lyrics from here are correct: https://matchlyric.com/coldplay-my-universe/ Not really a fan of the Korean parts for now, but the snippets all sound great. Sounds like an indie-pop thing from AHFOD.
  7. It's not. Just look at his other videos, the "teaser" for the song is something else entirely.
  8. I just can't get over how good the last chorus is. Instantly shot goosebumps up my back on the first listen. It's out of this world.
  9. Lovers In Japan was so amazing with the strings oh my god. So glad it's a part of their setlists now. Also, is it just me or the intro / outro of the song sounded exactly like Orphans? I think I've been listening to it too much.
  10. The lyric video for Trouble In Town on youtube is without the sample and I think it's much better. Or did you mean something else? Did you edit those out yourself? How's the quality?
  11. Hello! I'd love a link for the Sao Paulo concert if possible. Thanks a lot! :)

  12. Hey guys, I would love a link for the Sao Paulo concert, even if it isn't free. I just can't find it anywhere and it's not available on iTunes in my country either.
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