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  1. Yeah it's honestly not as bad as people describe it. There are a lot of exaggerated negative opinions and criticism that are pure hatred and nothing valid. I'm not that surprised to see some of it on the subreddit, but what I didn't expected was to find it here as well. Oh and please do yourselves a favour and don't read anything about coldplay or the album outside its communities, especially reddit. People are incredibly toxic and disrespectful. On a different topic, I went through Coldplay's discography again and there are a lot of songs that fit so well to the space theme - Aliens, Mov
  2. I'm planning to buy tickets for this one. It would be my first time seeing them live and I'm nervous about the whole process. Can anyone give me some tips, preferably those that went to the Paris show before? I'd like to know if it's difficult to get tickets (i.e. if they sell really fast) and which seats you think are the best. Any other tips are welcome. I really don't want to mess this up.
  3. Well, someone tried to mix Life Is Beautiful with Infinity Sign. While I appreciate the effort, I couldn't help but laugh out loud at 2:17 and 2:38. It's about as off as me when I sing inside a car and nobody can hear me lol.
  4. This was bound to happen, but frankly this mashup is awful. It's just 2 songs played at the same time. The timing gets completely messed up later on.
  5. The thing is there was a near-universal backlash on Everyday Life as well, I clearly remember the wave of hate when it leaked a week before the release or so. Reading between the lines on social media, it seems that fans think it's actually great? To me it feels like this has been happening with every album since about Viva. The classic whining of people who want the band to return to something they've been doing 20 years ago, and then those who find at least a couple of songs on the record to listen to, because there's always a big variety. I'm not saying this is their best work,
  6. Couple of thoughts after a day of listening to the album: The songs I have on repeat are Humankind, POTP, Biutyful and Infinity Sign. Just out of curiosity, I gave Life Is Beautiful another listen, and it sounds exactly like Humankind. I also can't help but notice the elements of the song in Infinity Sign, it actually sounds like the instrumental is building up to LIB / Humankind, try to follow them in a playlist and it's like the perfect match. Why is it not a hidden track to it at least? Arghhh it bugs me so much...
  7. My final impressions after a few listens: πŸͺ - A very solid intro to the whole album and HP Higher Power - 8/10 - I know it's an unpopular opinion but I like the song, especially the 2nd half where it takes off, it's classic Coldplay to me Humankind - 9/10 - An absolute banger, the last chorus when everything but the guitar stops and then explodes is brilliant - this will be amazing live ✨ - Very atmospheric, like a short stroll through space Let Somebody Go - 6/10 - strong beginning with nice lyrics, but the song gets boring and repetitive in a bad way. Explosiv
  8. I have a weird question about Humankind - Am I the only one who feels like something is off? Throughout the song the lyrics are dragged out like "I heard the straaaaangeeessttt sooooooooong", or "we're only huuuuuuuuumaaaaaaan" but in the chorus the "still they call us humankind" irritates me so much because it doesn't sound the same - I always expect it to go "still they call us huuuuuumaaaaankiiiiiind" into the chorus melody. Love the song, but this bugs me so much, I can't help it lol. I'll post my impressions from the album later. Oh and also, Where did
  9. Yeah that's what I don't understand either. If the album is in the hands of some people already, it's not our fault they shipped it before the release. Might as well share it with others. I guess it makes them feel special, but it's still weird because it only takes one person to put it out there.
  10. Guys do you think the tour will be affected by any restrictions because of the pandemic? I've never seen Coldplay live and I'm just waiting for them to set the dates to buy a ticket, but I was wondering if the experience will be the same as always i.e. sold out stadiums packed with people. I would be disappointed if my first time seeing them live will be a stripped down version of what it usually is.
  11. I think they will announce something in October, but not before the album release. The announcement could also be delayed until the end of the year. It's probably more difficult to plan due to covid.
  12. Managed to find a video of the whole song. Can't wait to hear the studio version, it's a welcome surprise by them and it absolutely rocks.
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