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  1. I think that the song, had it been worked on more, could have been good. Currently the vocals sound like he's pretending he's from Bristol, and the rest of the song is a bit tinny, but a re-mix (I don't mean a remix) and new vocals would make the song Fine™. I like it as well. It sounds a lot better made than Higher Power (which I have grown to like quite a bit) and the lyrics don't seem bad at all. The snippet in Overtura was also my favourite one out of the songs that haven't been released yet. But obviously I'll need to hear the whole thing to make my mind up fully.
  2. I am disappointed by the gap between Coloratura and the next single. I wish they'd release another promotional single. <insert The Race suggestion>
  3. It's obvious, guys. It's going to be MMIX, Music Of The Spheres, Infinity Sign, O (Reprise) and A Hopeful Transmission.
  4. I was talking about the subforum itself, not the threads...
  5. The LP9 News subforum and its description haven't been updated since the announcement of Higher Power, Coloratura and Music Of The Spheres, so maybe the name and description should be changed to reflect what's been happening since the subforum was first made.
  6. I was just listening to different leaks of The Race, and one thing that interests me is how different they sound. The version in the AHFOD documentary sounds like a completely different song to the one that has leaked, yet they share a lot. The leaked 'full' version does not have the bit from AHFOD in it. Perhaps they're different songs? Hopefully the AHFOD version is the one that will come out; I prefer it to the full song by a lot.
  7. Music Of The Spheres Volume 2 will just be remixes of High Power.
  8. Lots of us had given up with Coldplay; we thought they'd never make good songs ever again, but I think that Coloratura has proved us wrong - so much, in fact, we look completely student. It's definitely in their top 10. Probably their top 5. Perhaps top 3. Possibly their best one, even...
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