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  1. Lots of us had given up with Coldplay; we thought they'd never make good songs ever again, but I think that Coloratura has proved us wrong - so much, in fact, we look completely student. It's definitely in their top 10. Probably their top 5. Perhaps top 3. Possibly their best one, even...
  2. I really hope this will be good, the trailer sounded promising...
  3. I'm disappointed that there isn't The Race... Oh well, maybe next album... Also, isn't Coloratura, which is releasing tomorrow, ten minutes or so long? Or will they release a shorter mix as a single and the whole thing on the album? EDIT: Answered my own question; it's the whole ten minutes.
  4. https://coldplaying.com/forums/topic/80648-music-of-the-spheres-track-list/page/3/#comments
  5. If anybody wants to post speculative track lists, I have an entire thread for that...
  6. I quite like this one. Better than my second favourite, the ZHU remix.
  7. I thought that you'd posted a picture of New Order or The Who there...
  8. Nice idea, although I'm not sure where Coldplay would go with Major Tom after Blackstar.
  9. Do you have Human Heart?
  10. With all this BTS talk, I just want Dakota Star to come back even more...
  11. Maybe Kaotica has something to do with Coldplay's eco views? Perhaps Kaotica is not a separate planet, but their vision of a future Earth where global warming has caused the extinction of important species of animals and plants on Earth, and human society has been brought down to its most basic form - 'kaos'. Because of people panicking, struggling to survive, Public services like rubbish collection are liquidated to fund militaries to keep people in order, but this makes the kaos worse. Civil war erupts in many countries around the world. The European Union falls apart at the seams, quickly f
  12. We've only heard one song from the album, so I think making the decision not to buy it up to a year before the album releases is a bit of an overreaction. I didn't like Higher Power but I'm not going to disregard the rest of Music Of The Spheres because of it.
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