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  1. In the music video for Higher Power, MOTS is described as being in 'three parts'... I am sure there are other reasons though.
  2. I hope I'm not the only person thinking the lyrics for this song are surprisingly good... They seem to have put some effort into them.
  3. Some baseless speculation: if Coloratura is the nebula of the spheres, maybe the next set of planets will start from there. Maybe we'll get a Coloratura Part 2 or something like that...
  4. Wow, this thread and subforum died for at least a day. Was it because of me?
  5. I don't like to bump old threads, but what happened to Bless?
  6. Yes, I know Volume 1 has just come out. Yes, I know Volume 2 isn't officially confirmed yet. But I guess someone has to make this thread at some point, and I haven't started a 'big thread' in my whole time on Coldplaying. MOTSv1 was a missed opportunity for many people. I liked the album, but many people are indifferent to or dislike the album. My old MOTS tracklist thread was hilariously wrong, although I did correctly guess the leaked lyrics were for Higher Power. Crucially, the two songs I expected the most, The Race and Lethal Drug, didn't appear, and neither did other predictions for
  7. Let Somebody Go is pretty much confirmed to be a single, but I'd say either Humankind or People Of The Pride could be singles, but not both. I could see however the other song being included on a future EP (Aurora?) should there be one. A rumour elsewhere is that it refers to the final album, Coldplay, and stands for Finale For The Fans 2024. If it's true, and assuming Coldplay go ahead with the second and third parts of MOTS, it would mean Coldplay would be releasing a new album every year until 2024. After Coldplay/FFTF2024, who knows what will come next. I'm quite tempted to start a
  8. I was sent an email from my father that he watched ten minutes of Coldplay on a BBC channel? I checked the TV guide and it wasn't a separate programme. Was it in The One Show? Also, what was the set list? There was a song he liked that I believe to be Human Heart, but I'm not sure.
  9. Something strange I noticed... On the album, MOTS2 is the strange interlude with the alien voices, but in Overtura, the calm bit before the outro of My Universe is listed as MOTS2, and the alien voice interlude track is nowhere. Also in Overtura, the transition between Biutyful and 'MOTS2' is strangely natural, compared to much of the rest of Overtura, which seems strangely strung together. Perhaps - and this is just a theory - the gap in My Universe is an original version of MOTS2 and the current MOTS2 was a last-minute addition. Thoughts?
  10. It's not the first time there's been swearing in a Coldplay song. Arabesque and Guns both had it in the lyrics, Trouble In Town had it in a clip played over the bridge (which was unfortunate; it was a really nice bridge), The Man Who Swears had it, and I think Lost+ even had the n-word.
  11. On Spotify, LSG is already a single, but more of the promotional type, and I think it came out at the same time as the album for some reason. Hopefully the proper single has a B-side on it...
  12. I don't think it is allowed, sorry. That said, all three versions occasionally appear on YouTube, but you need to download them pretty quickly as they get taken down within a few weeks. Oh, and even if it was allowed, my hard drive has failed so I currently cannot access the files.
  13. Good (?) news - videos of The Race on YouTube have been taken down. This applies to the two 'full' versions of the song, and not the AHFOD documentary version (yet). It's bad if you wanted to listen to the song, but it's great for those who want it released, because it shows Coldplay/the record labels still have interest in it. Other unreleased songs, like A Ghost, Life Is Beautiful and many more haven't been touched in comparison.
  14. Someone else will probably answer this better but from what I've seen, the song was first known about on Ghost Stories, where its lyrics feature in the artwork, but was first heard in the A Head Full Of Dreams documentary, and had a copyright date of 2018. This is likely the latest version of the song. Two leaks of it were released which have little in common with the AHFOD version, and may well be an entirely different song. We're not allowed to send links to them, but all three versions occasionally appear on YouTube. They're often taken down quickly though, which could suggest Coldplay stil
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