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  1. hgjjh

    Oceans Instrumental

    I have the track. Its not super HQ but I believe it is 320kbps mp3. I can send it in a few hours
  2. Oh wow!!! I've never come across it before this, is it a certain tour release version? I'm trying to build the most complete high quality discography that I can.
  3. Haha, sorry for the confusion. I'm not used to uploading files for download usually. I'm usually the one downloading, but this is a special case!!😊 Enjoy!!!
  4. This is the version of talk that starts with "Under the great north star, tryna work out where you are". I'm so sorry the download wasn't able to work for you guys. I just tried it and it seems to work for me. Do you know of a way that I can make it available for everyone on this site? An easy surefire way?
  5. So, I recently discovered something quite interesting. Bear with me for a moment while I explain this amazing find. So the story goes like this. I bought a Lot of 9 old hard drives from a pawn shop nearly an hour from my house and on one of these hard drives someone had stored all their music. ...But this is unlike i've ever seen before, like the most complete Discography's I have ever seen. This person had meticulously collected music from various artists until the year of 2010. Some of the files date back to 1994. They also did some crazy research and mapped artists that have borrowed from each other and worked together. Its hard to explain.., its amazing though. On this hard drive, I found this amazing unreleased version of Talk!!! In the original file there was a text file that talked about the famous what.cd site, now long destroyed. Now the thing to know is that there are crappy mp3 versions of the song on YouTube and such, but this file is in FLAC... See for yourself: https://mega.nz/folder/3ARkyYrB#p2jQjOGqEbiqiWusSMdt0g EDIT DOWNLOAD LINK FOR GOOGLE DRIVE: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1L3JsVJM7kFgXOIWPzpIbpQP9MN-v8mIP?usp=sharing Long story short, I wanna share this great find with you all. Ill be trying to restore the rest of the drives to see if any other albums can be brought out. Let me know your honest opinions about this song and its quality. Perhaps i've been duped. Although I hope not, because it sounds amazing!!!!!
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