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  1. The package I sent hasn't arrived either, as far as I know. The destination wasn't that far. :worried: Hope you'll get them soon :eyes: Also, Happy New Year everyone! :party:
  2. Thanks Santa, and thank you @Jenniiangel !! You don't know how lovely you are :blush:
  3. I received my gift yesterday! The socks fit perfectly, and I love them! Thank you :heart: whoever you are here. :sunrise: :moon:
  4. Hello everyone, wherever you are! I joined Coldplaying to take part in the Secret Santa and to meet other people excited about the new album. I've been a Coldplayer for a year or so... Although I've known about their existence for years :cool: It has been my dream for a while to go to their concert. Maybe after the release of LP9? xD My favourites from LP8 are Arabesque, Sunrise, Daddy, Everyday Life, Champion of the World, Church, بنی آدم, Trouble in Town, When I Need A Friend, Èkó, Flags... I'm on Twitter if anyone's interested in hearing my ramblings: @melmementamo See you so
  5. E-lo everybody, This sounds so awesome that I want to take part. And I'm excited! I'm a little nervous though, since I just made my account and I don't know anybody here. But I know I'm in good company. *waves* Sending love!
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