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  1. He is human as everyone else. He is a very kind person and although he is famous, he’s a man like me, with his fragility and patience limits. I saw some videos of the show and it seemed amazing. I still don’t understand why they play church but he never sings it. is very weird. In my opinion is one of the most easy song of the show to sing...
  2. What exactly happened? In both occasions I mean
  3. Church playback again? why?
  4. Ah okok. Indeed I don’t think it’s because it is too high for Him. He can go higher than in Church. It’s his characteristic voice.
  5. ^Based on the above video, it sounds like Chris is singing 1 octave below the studio vocals. Unless Will is singing (couldn't confirm due to camera angle), then there are playback vocals there. :( I Wonder why, since in Everyday life he sung live and high as in Church.....
  6. first of all, sorry but in the previous message i meant London. Keyboard corrector changed it. thank you for Your answer! So it’s possible. Yesterday all the live was uploaded on Youtube and I can’t understand if he’s singing or not. It seems live because before Norah performance, I don’t hear the volume changes that are in the studio version. I Don’t know...
  7. Hi guys. I state that I really like the new album, because it reminds me a lot of GS which is an album I loved a lot, especially the live presentation. I love Church in this new job. And above all, live is even more beautiful. that's why I'm slightly disappointed that Chris didn't sing it live in Jordan. And also in Linfinity i'm not sure of it. A guy who is part of a facebook page that was there, told me he sang it live, but I'm not sure. I don't really understand why, since that it's definitely not the most difficult song to sing. For this reason, even if he had problems with the voice last
  8. Hi guys, I’m an Italian Coldplayer. I love Coldplay, their music means a lot to me. So it’s a pleasure share this passion with you!! And sorry for my grammatical errors
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