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  1. Happy Birthday!! :D

  2. happy birthday!!!!!!

  3. happy birthday, have a wonderful day :)

  4. Cos I do...a lot. Probably too much... I'll die some day of a chewing gum overdose. And do you ever swallow the gum? Cos if you do it 17 times.....you explode.
  5. Thanks for the text...I joined in the end though! Yeah, Super Collider was wierd..cos none of the other members were even on stage...cos it was first of the encore. Almost like a Thom solo concert. Hopefully it'll evolve into a full band version.
  6. Cymbal Rush!?! Wow... And why didn't they play PA for me...:( Thanks for the link Eglantine. Amn't a member...might as well register. I meant to say "Any" instead of "And"...didnt mean to order you to get it! :nice:
  7. ^^^ Case in point with the :dozey:. Seriously though...has a thread been ever more de-railed?? Things don't always evolve or move in the right way though..
  8. I'm not whingeing. And if theres one thing someone should start doing its you stopping using :dozey::rolleyes: and whatnot. I jest Mark.
  9. Agree completely. The board used to be so much better.
  10. I was watching the film "Cruel Intentions" the other night and myself and one of my lovers found great inspiration in it for..later in the night. Has anyone else been sexually inspired by a film/novel etc..? Or is it just me...
  11. What..what...WHAT??!?? Why couldn't that have been me. :cry: I should have searched the pubs of Dublin for them... I would have died though. Imagine ordering a pint and seeing Thom at the bar?? And links to that?? Out of interest...
  12. Chocolate. Haven't had any today though. *Runs away to get his fix*
  13. Haha, no ones answered the guy's question yet...even he didn't. S'pose I'll get the ball rolling... Actually...I wont. My story..its too long and interesting...cough..doesn't exist.
  14. Nah, it was Thom on his lonesome. Before he played it he said "We played this last night for the first time...I'll try and remember the words this time!". Oohhhh...what a night. Lights were amazing.
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