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  1. Website is CLOSED due harassment and death threats. I have received threats of all kinds for several months from a person named "Felipe German Sulca." It all started when he started sending me emails requesting a 2009 show. I agreed and told him that when I have free time I would give it to him for free. BIG MISTAKE, he started sending me 20 emails per day, then he created fake email accounts and began to threaten me. I have seen that he is also in other forums just spamming. He has sent me a private message here "apologizing" for having stolen things from my website, where he the
  2. @Gideon_Mx what is "FCKETILISMAMONGCOLDPLAYFANS.mp3?"
  3. here the full concert https://mega.nz/file/2hpDRSSB#jpUBzHzNgwagJpEbqvvfyU2P12piD6Nw39ejPrT6W-w
  4. The recent post calling you racist it was a joke from my part, you don't have to take it seriously :P
  5. Stephen, do you still want the 2001-2000 bootlegs? If so, send me another mail!! Oh and belonging to another country rather than yours doesn't mean we are not white like you. In fact, we are both white, so you should stop being racist. Trading, but that doesn't mean you have to send me over 20 emails requesting the same thing. I told you i will give it for free, but give me time. You are literally spamming every youtube channel, coldplaying, and other websites coldplay related.
  6. Thanks some of you for reaching out by mail. As i said in the mail, i don't sell or trade any unreleased song. Regards
  7. https://coldplaybootlegs.com/ is now online (only for trading) *More than 450 bootleg video *More than 600 bootleg audio *Exclusive interviews *Unreleased stuff Trades at: [email protected]
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