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  1. Hey, thanks again for asking. So cool to have the chance to directly contact them. It is sad, he doesn't know, where it is from, though
  2. Asking Mat Whitecross would be awesome! Unfirtunately, I don't even have a twitter account and i am not sure, whether he / they answer(s) random questions. Would you mind asking him? I noticed that Coldplay actually follows you on twitter :P
  3. Hi, the film "A Head Full of Dreams" shows several scenes from an interview, and i would like to listen to the rest of it. You can find the scene in the YT-Video below at 50:50 (in the video on amazon prime it is 1:19:44). Does anybody know, what interview this is and where i can find it? I would be very happy if someone could help me here! :) Also, if there is a better place for this question in this forum, please let me know :D Thanks again, here is the youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCZ7-L22VQo
  4. Hi Everyone! i have been checking this forum since Coldplay started to promote Everyday Life and i am very excited what they are up to now 🙂 It took me a while to find the courage to introduce myself, but here i am now, and i am very happy to be a part of this community! Starting to listen to more and more Coldplay songs in late 2016, i just missed the A Head Full of Dreams Tour, but i really hope to see them live someday 🙂
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