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  1. I think the writer is referring to the album's good-spirited nature when he/she calls it "inspirational."
  2. In their newest issue. http://www.anydecentmusic.com/review/3804/Coldplay-Mylo-Xyloto.aspx thanks to: http://snow-blind.tumblr.com/post/13298594459/snow-blind-happy-1st-month-mylo-xyloto
  3. Their niceness towards Chris Martin's lyrics REALLY shock me-- esp. considering how much they griped about it on Viva la Vida. Interesting review nevertheless!
  4. Lets be real : this thing is getting 4.8 or below.
  5. Yup. In the end, all that matters is how you feel about it.
  6. http://www.anydecentmusic.com/review/3804/Coldplay-Mylo-Xyloto.aspx "There's nothing wrong as such with Mylo Xyloto. It just feels like, once again, Coldplay have done the selfless thing and gone out to protect EMI's shares." 5/10
  7. Wow. Best Review yet. Called it "Brilliant" + A "triumph."
  8. unfortunately, you'll need a japanese credits card to buy ANYTHING from the Japanese iTunes store.
  9. I can understand what you're saying, and I definitely agree with many of the points you made. But at the same time, I think we the listeners anticipate these reviews because it gives us the slightest indication as to what an album might sound like, or how it flows all ltogether, or whether or not there are songs that stick out as particularly "bad" (subjective, of course). In the same case, the reviewers aren't so different than you and I, so the mere prospect of another individual listening to the album beforehand is really exciting to us. It more or less vills in the void of our imaginations
  10. Mojo is a pretty tough publication. They hand out 3/5 stars like cotton candy, so I'd say 4/5 is a great score for them. So far the reviews are looking pretty good!
  11. "A more streamlined affair, re-embracing themselves as an unpretentious yet big-sonding pop group." 4/5 stars. From the print-copy! http://www.anydecentmusic.com/review/3804/Coldplay-Mylo-Xyloto.aspx FYI, Viva la Vida scored a 3/5 from them. From their review : "While they fight shy of radical "Kid A"-style reinvention, hats should be doffed to Coldplay for at least having artistic cojones to mess with a winning formula. [July 2008, p.101]"
  12. They'll def be up a week before the release somewhere somehow.
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