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    True Love

    I bet that this song's their legit favorite, the one that's not built to be a hit radio play.
  2. Ahah! So on one hand, I can read into this literally, and say that he's simply saying that it's the best song that hasn't been released or played live yet. On the other hand, maybe this is the song they truly think is the best off the album? The excitement...
  3. If he/she has a UK based account, it won't matter even if you change stores, you'll just get re-directed to your home store when you try and buy.
  4. So I guess it's safe to say we now know that Indonesia is one country not represented in the Coldplaying community?
  5. You can see that people have been listening to it since its popularity bar is filled in to the right.
  6. It's not I just changed my iTunes to UK.
  7. 1. ASFOS 2. Midnight 3. Oceans 4. AIMH 5. Magic 6. Another's Arms
  8. I really do hope we get this as a grat track within the next couple of weeks, because this crappy recording is definitely not doing this song a justice.
  9. I think this album (from what we have heard so far) is going to have a nice balance of both.
  10. It can be loosely compared to We Found Love, but be assured that is Coldplay through and through. Probably won't sate the appetite of those who want "old school" acoustic Coldplay, but it's a solid track.
  11. Just because they are "actual fans of Coldplay" doesn't mean they aren't human beings who make decisions on an individual basis that you may or may not agree with morally. To think that people weren't going to record simply because Chris Martin asked them not to is ignoring basic human nature.
  12. Bottom line is, they could have banned any sort of cameras/phones from entry like they did for the smaller shows in March, if they were that hell bent on not having it leak. Obviously there were gonna be a few people who blew off his request.
  13. I just feel like at this point I have seen so much Coldplay material get leaked, including 3 LPs, before their proper release date, while being a Coldplaying member, and I don't seem to recall nearly the amount of outrage over it.
  14. So to all of you who are in an uproar about this leaking, I have a question: how many of you have listened to anything leaked from them before? Or was that okay because Chris and the band didn't explicitly say not to?
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