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  1. Now this... This is amazing news for us to rejoice to!
  2. Alright, thanks for the information!
  3. Hope this is not a redundant question, but I have heard that the downloads section used to be filled with audio/video a few years back. Since the new site transition, I also heard that many of the bootlegs were lost whilst data being transferred. Are these bootlegs still somewhere on Coldplaying's servers? - or forever lost?
  4. If so, then that's pretty disappointing. web.archive.org/web/20200808111215/http://coldplaybootlegs.com/ This person had tons of rare material, etc. Still however, I have a little bit of hope this site will be put back up some day.
  5. Glastonbury 2021 is gonna be up and running? That's very interesting news. I think the boys will have one hell of a ride there!
  6. Sorry to be the guy who asks, but are you still willing to accept trades from us? Also will the site be back up anytime soon?
  7. This stuff just gets interesting day-by-day 👀
  8. For me at least, my favorite concert is the one they held at the Reading Festival on 29 August 1999, because that's the only time they played the alternative version of Spies. What's your personal favorite concert from them? It doesn't matter if it has to be a official release, it can be anything of your choice.
  9. Thank you for the fix stephen! I'm glad that the search bar is working correctly now.
  10. Niceee. Gonna look forward to watching that when it comes by. Thank you for letting us know about this! 🙂
  11. fanofmusic05


    Hello! I found Coldplaying through Coldplay's (unofficial) subreddit and I wanted to give it a visit. This community looks amazing from what I've seen. Hope to talk to many of you soon!
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