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  1. I own the regular non thinline model of the '72 tele. The pickups don't stand out at all, so I'd suggest replacing them if you buy it.
  2. Ampeg Classic x 2 Ampeg 15" Cabinet x 2 Ampeg 8 x 10" Cabinet
  3. "JB1" would most likely stand for "Johnny Buckland 1"
  4. Can you not just figure that out yourself? There are like 7 notes in the whole ebow tab, maybe less.
  5. The first chord sounds a bit iffy but other than that I like it a lot
  6. Did you completely miss my post? All you're playing is G#, C, G#, then G, C, G. No F's or E's. As for the chord descent, I have no clue.
  7. Basically you're playing two notes with the right hand. C and G#. At the chord change you just drop the G# to a G. After a few of those it's a bunch of variations of F#m which I don't have the slightest clue how to play.
  8. Well at least it makes mention of piano. That kills my fears of there being no piano in the new album, which is what Chris said a while back.
  9. Easily their best song performance. I've been able to see one other performance of this song (in Sao Paolo) which was also in 2003, and it rocked just as hard as the Hordern Pavillion version.
  10. Sounds like what they use in the beginning of Square One. Delay, for sure. Reverb too probably.
  11. What about turning the contour all the way down (for the crunch) on your amp and then just adding a bit of gain?
  12. I have One I Love Live 2003, but it's sheet music (yeah, for a guitar based song... haha). It gives you the chords and tuning and everything though.
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