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  1. does anyone have the setlist for elbow? their set was amazing and they played a few songs that i don't know and would like to buy
  2. yes but, then they also dedicated The Hardest Part to "Seth" whoever that is.. maybe something happened? i don't know, i hate to speculate anyways, amazing show!!!!! Lovers in Japan was my favourite again, I have a purse stuffed with butterflies :)
  3. less than an hour to go... who else has tickets for show #1 and is praying there is a second show added also??
  4. Ticketmaster is ridiculous, I feel so sorry for everyone that's trying to get seats now. I really don't think these presales will be available until 10 am tomorrow, but I hope I'm wrong
  5. I'm getting up for 10 to check things out just to be safe, although I'm really not counting on anything....
  6. ^ Haha. Welcome to Coldplaying! Ahhhhh I'm really frustrated with this, if they still can't announce a venue at least announce a 2nd postponement
  7. Ahah thanks guys. I loved that pic spam by the way. I'm sure it's been said before but imagine you're running a marathon and you turn to your left and it's the hottest bass player on the planet? I would die....
  8. Haha I love that my avatar matches your signature. Also I'm pretty sure this is my first time posting in this thread? Guy is hot....
  9. I just got mine from Carlaatje! She wrote me the sweetest message and sent me butterflies from BRIXTON, which I think is so exciting. Thanks again :)
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