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  1. Boo, you are gone.

  2. That's right Emma! Chris thread is amazing and this person start it! Thanks a lot!!! maria

  3. thanks for making the post gorgues pic of chris thread its amazing !!

  4. crikey, i haven't been here for a LONG LONG time :o anyway, i vote for julian because he's cool and fucking sexy!! :cool: ;)
  5. Here's me and Andy (Ledder) with Tom at the Virgin Megastore in London a couple of weekends ago. He performed 4 songs and did a signing. It was fantastic, he has a beautiful voice to go with his beautiful writing abilities :D
  6. I'm surprised and a little disappointed that there is not a Tom McRae thread on this board :o :cry: so here is one :P If you haven't checked him out, do it NOW.... he is amazing :D His debut album (Tom McRae - original title ;) ) is fantastic. My favourite songs are Boy with the Bubblegun, Bloodless and Language of Fools. The new album (Just Like Blood) for me is quite frankly orgasmic :o :P I LOVE every single song on it but my faves are You Only Disappear, Walking to Hawaii and Line of Fire.... please at least download some of his songs NOW, he deserves more credit than he gets... Ok
  7. hahaha ok people, ignore this..... they have decided to NOT put my story in the standard today for some reason :cry: Apparently This SARS business is more important :roll: ;) If anyone still cares I will let everyone know WHEN or IF they decide to put it in tomorrow or whenever :D
  8. I love Maria! :D :D :D Me too!!! :D:D:D No one loves me! :cry: :oops: hahaha good fish ;)
  9. oooh the bootiful singing voice of Jonny :P
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