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  1. Yeah she is a slut. I won't argue there. But you have to give her credit for the balls she has to say the stuff she does on her Albums. I mean seriously. Talk about Freedom of Speech.
  2. Ofcourse the Rolling Stones!! If I had to pick a favorite Stones song it woud have to be Gimmie Shelter!!
  3. he's a magic man!!! lol Hell Yeah, that's like my favorite one of their songs. I actually sang it to my husband (before we were married) at my Grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary. Yes, we had Kareoke there!!
  4. Yeah well what about Heart. They are in my top 10!
  5. What's that. I'm not really a regular on this.
  6. Never really got into Jethro. Not a big fan actually. Well not a fan at all... to be honest.
  7. What? That's impossible.
  8. What's with the I'm gonna take this place Forum?
  9. Yeah, I know but I have a crazy kitten and I don't have the liberty of paying attention that long. :(
  10. Nice. What about the Beatles. I do like the earlier stuff but the once the drug stage started with them, it would never be the same. In a good way.
  11. Yeah well I can't stay interested that long in these forums. I just skip the end to see what people are talking about.
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