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  1. I'd taken a small gym bag but that was still too big apparently so I had to put it in the bag drop - never had to do that before! Really enjoyed the concert. Was quite a way back but everyone was singing and dancing so it was good fun. Wish they'd played those soundcheck songs though! My first visit to Vienna and what a lovely city!
  2. Should be open, the majority of summer gigs I've been to there have been with the exception of Take That on their Circus tour, and REM, but that was a reduced capacity gig.
  3. Tickets have arrived :grinning: My summer of Coldplay is all set.
  4. Not a recent collection, but it was a few years ago when I saw Paul McCartney there. I definitely didn't queue for very long to pick up the tickets, everyone in front of me had the right ID and that with them, as most people will have gotten theirs in the post. But it was all seated, so I didn't need to worry about queuing, and the only drawback was that the ticket office was on the opposite side of the stadium to my gate! I can't remember what time I turned up, but it was probably before 5.
  5. I was hoping they wouldn't have the price on, then my Mum wouldn't know how much I spent on her Christmas present :laughing:
  6. Ticketmaster are beginning to send out the Tuesday tickets, so hopefully they'll turn up soon.
  7. As the tickets for the Wednesday gig are already being sent out, has anyone started to get any tickets sent out for this gig yet? Seems a little odd to me that the second date gets sent out first!
  8. It is. It can't be long though until they do. I hope. I didn't even get any emails to say these tickets had been posted. Who did you buy them from? Ticketmaster sometimes send out in batches so they might take a week or so longer.
  9. No, there's no hotels left :joy: We can get home after the gig, but it takes a while and it's often a nightmare trying to get out of Cardiff when there's something on at the stadium. A hotel would be nice though.
  10. No, we're going to have to get the train home after each night because there is absolutely nowhere to stay. My parents are going to drive back to Devon straight afterwards! I'm really surprised! Didn't expect them for ages. Also surprised because the Tuesday tickets haven't been sent out at all yet. Weird order!!
  11. No tickets through yet. We never tend to get them sent until about 3-4 weeks before in the UK, although it can vary. I don't think they'll be posted out until May really.
  12. Really annoyed that there's no hotels available. Really hate getting the train back after a gig there.
  13. Nice choice that. Haven't seen Embrace for years.
  14. I have no idea to be honest. Going by what's been said already, I'd guess it's just a way of making sure they split the crowd up between the gates, but normally they just give you a gate number for that. Unless they're using a stadium length runway..!
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