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  1. so friggin hot here last week and humid, this weekend will be great need to get outside and run around with my doggie, both my kids at uni now so im pretty free aside from work. It's nice but the house is quiet. I have been working out at a gym like a maniac and pretty happy with it!
  2. HOW DARE HE??? I am happy to be here! so lots of spam lately? How has your summer been?
  3. HELLO HELLO HELLO! He's prob asleep now. How is everyone today?
  4. Went to the show at Irving Plaza on Wednesday and they were frickin amazing! I last saw them 6 years ago at David Letterman. They are only playing 2 cities in the states this leg so I feel very lucky. The venue was tiny and intimate which I love and got 2nd row, I still cannot stop smiling, Gary's happiness was infectious. Here is the only good pic I took of the night and some vids on on periscope: [MEDIA=twitter]986810775686828032[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://twitter.com/christa42/status/986810775686828032 https://www.pscp.tv/christa422/1mrGmRRvkkgJy https://www.pscp.tv/christa
  5. The War on Drugs, seeing them Sunday in Brooklyn, gonna be a religious experience!
  6. got my ticket to see them at Irving Plaza in NYC! Squeeeeee
  7. Well not 84 but is sure as hell feels like it! 7 long years and May 25th brings this!
  8. Hello Coldplayers, I been absent for quite a while and I love that this is one of the first threads I hit, The X&Y era was the first Coldplay show I attended and so happy this was posted, thank you for this!
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