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  1. [highlight=red:177e9fd432]Probably the worst Coldplay video yet!!! I expected so much of it...and received crap in return...I didn´t find it funny nor good...the only decent Coldplay videos are The Scientist 'amazing', God Put A Smile Upon Your Face and Fix You...[/highlight:177e9fd432]
  2. Definetely Amsterdam, so full of pain, sorrow and moody...its so depressing it makes you happy!
  3. Hi, I read here somewhere that Martin addapted Politik's amazing lyrics to the city where he was performing it at the moment...can someone give me a couple of examples? I gotta be honest, Coldplay is the first group I've seen that performs way much better live than in studio....usually artists suck when performing live, Coldplay just keeps getting better and better! Blame it all upon, a rush of blood to the head...
  4. ¿Can someone tell why did Coldplay leave out A Message, such an amazing song, specially the lyrics in the end, from their Twisted Logic Tour? Before they even released Fix You I was pretty damn sure it would be a single, now however, it appears that not only will it not be but they don't even play it in their concerts!!! I find it really sad and strange given the fact they performed it wonderfully in the Live AOL Sessions in New York.[/b]
  5. Clocks: The Meaning I think you misunderstood the meaning of the lyrics, in my humble opinion... I believe Martin is describing death, from HIS point of view...when I hear the song I picture a relatively old man, slowly dying in his bed (probably from some kind of disease), looking back at his life while dealing with the close dissapearence of it...the whole "tides that I try to swim against" and "a tiger is waiting to be tamed" describes the fury of something we can't control, no matter how hard we try to struggle against it, we will never be able to overcome it... [/glow]
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