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  1. No real changes from the typical setlist. Billie Jean was cool, as well as a little improv harmonica song Chris did while they were out on the lawn playing the acoustic set. <3 Green Eyes, too
  2. Oh my god. It was phenomenal. Two of my friends were in the pit - Chris Martin high-fived one of them. Then, when he was throwing the tympani stick, it bounced into the same guy's hand! And at the end Jonny walked up to my other friend and GAVE him his pick, straight up handed it off to him. They made off like bandits.
  3. Looking for a pit ticket on Thursday in Raleigh.
  4. TOMORROW. I have a lawn seat, but I'm trying to sell my lawn ticket and get a pit ticket. This'll be my fifth time seeing Coldplay and I've yet to see them up close. Can anyone help me out?
  5. I'll work on this... I don't know if I'll be able to pull it off seamlessly, though, so somebody else should be working on it too ('Life In Technicolor 3' Project?).
  6. This would have been the perfect VLVODAAHF tracklisting (if PM didn't exist): RD NMFWTTG 1. Life in Technicolor (I + II) 2. Cemeteries of London 3. Glass of Water 4. 42 5. Lovers In Japan / Reign of Love 6. Yes / Chinese Sleep Chant 7. Viva La Vida 8. Strawberry Swing 9. Prospekt's March / Poppy Fields 10. Death and All His Friends / Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground
  7. People asking for the link: snoops around on justintimberlakeforum.com :) Gotta say, Osaka Sun is a fairly simple departure from the original Lovers in Japan, meaning it didn't gain much love from me. Then again, neither did Lost+. Life in Technicolor II is perhaps some of Chris's best lyric-writing, but I feel the song might be a bit too formulaic. Someone described LIT2 as an "obvious single", which made Chris strip the lyrics and put it out as an instrumental. The lyrics are great, but yes, the generic pop structure of the song kind of kills it. "Baby, it's a violent world" is probably my favorite part of the whole album. Glass of Water is near-perfect. This is the song where the band evolves the most on the album. Jonny's sweeping guitarwork gradually builds from soft acoustic strumming into flashy, loud, Muse-esque bombast. Will's drums drive the chorus of the song, while Guy's basslines provide a bit of character to the song. This seems to be "Coldplay as a rock band" instead of "Coldplay as the Chris Martin Show", and I'm glad. Oh, and the little added part on the end of the song is great too. Rainy Day... I'm not sure what to think of quite yet. I've listened to it a lot... my roommate loves it and thinks it's the best song on the EP, while I'm not so convinced. I just need a few more listens... Prospekt's March is probably my favorite song on the album. This is finally the song I've been waiting for Coldplay to create. Martin's lyrics here exceed anything he's done before by leaps and bounds. Where "You might be a big fish in a little pond" was in Lost!, we get "Don't you wish that life could be as simple//As fish swimmin' round in a barrel when you've got the gun". Martin has apparently matured a lot since VLVODAAHF's release. Even Thom Yorke would approve of this song. My Feet Won't Touch the Ground is a short, but poignant, closing song. Coupled with Postcards from Far Away, these two songs chart out newer territory for Coldplay. Postcards from Far Away is a beautifully haunting piano interlude, while My Feet Won't Touch The Ground is another case of "Coldplay do Johnny Cash", just like 'Til Kingdom Come. All in all, Prospekt's March might not be the full-bodied release we were all hoping for. It's only eight tracks... two of which are remixes. That leaves six short, sweet tracks for Coldplay to convince us that they still have the vision and talent to be the best band in the world, and they nearly succeed. Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends was a crash-course intro on the new Coldplay. It was far from perfect, but at least showed them heading in the right direction. Prospekt's March adds a few new worthy songs to their library, but still misses the mark by a slight bit. Nix the remixed tracks that are just a waste of space, give us some more Prospekt's March/Glass of Water level tracks, and it won't be long before even the New York Times has to admit: ...damn. Maybe Coldplay just really are that good. 8/10 (compared to VLV's 7.5/10)
  8. Yeah, thanks to everyone for taking my incessant bitching the whole time. I'm in pure euphoria right now. I can't go to sleep. Time to pack another bowl... :D
  9. The whole thing has been uploaded, but a select few people have the links. If somebody would just seriously copy/paste the links to the JT forum, this would all be over.
  10. HEY MAYBE IF I POST IN BRIGHT COLORED FONT WITH ALL CAPS I CAN GET MORE ATTENTION FOR MYSELF TOO! Somebody put this up on JT so this thread can stop leeching away what little dignity Coldplaying.com has left.
  11. anyone looking for a seat at the nov.11 show in atlanta,ga? I've got one!!! Ungrateful friend bailed!!! willing to meet at will call at 7pm.

  12. Oh, yeah, that's another thing: This was the best crowd I've ever had at a Coldplay show. EVERYONE on the floor around me and up near the front was dancing and screaming and singing. Everyone seemed to know all the lyrics... I even heard people yelling out the Death Will Never Conquer lyrics too. Everybody was excited... people of all ages... teens through old peeps... were dancing. I loved it.
  13. This being my fourth Coldplay show, I wasn't too like OMGEXCITED. I mean, I'd seen them three times before... but wow, they topped any show I'd seem them play before. Chris was careful not to say much political-wise, but he did mention Obama twice. The first was indirect, simply calling Nov 5th "The greatest night to be in America". That one came after In My Place. The second Obama reference came right before Cemeteries of London, where he said that America finally proved to the world that they're capable of progress and that now, in his eyes, we're #1 again. My favorite song of the night was either "42" or "Lovers In Japan". Chris's odd robotic movements were awesome during "42", as was Jonny's solo... but the confetti raining down under the blacklights during "Lovers In Japan" was absolutely surreal. I'm not sure what it was, but Guy was giving shit away as they walked out to Stage B (the one extended into the crowd) to do the techno songs. Oh yeah... at the end of Viva La Vida, the crowd kept the "Ohh ohhhhhh oooohhh" going at the end after the band had stopped playing. Chris tried to keep going along with us, then pleaded with us to stop as he collapsed from exhaustion. His stage presence was TEN times better than it was during the Twisted Logic tour (hey, look, my screen-name). Probably the moment that confirmed to me that Coldplay was the biggest band in the world came when they moved out to the crowd to do the acoustic songs. As they got set-up and humbly waved to the crowd (Chris shook hands with the people around him... Will turned around and spoke to the girls behind him at one point), the cheer and applause I heard from the floor was like... deafening. It really showed how much the crowd respected them.
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