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  1. Fantastic show last night. I've been spoiled having my last 3 Coldplay shows be ridiculously tiny venues, but I must say I did love the atmosphere last night at the Rose Bowl. Openers were great. Those 8th graders were awesome and adorable. I loved the setlist, including the request ('Til Kingdom Come is one of my all time favorite Coldplay songs). I hadn't been looking at setlists or videos, but given that this is Coldplay not Pearl Jam, it doesn't surprise me that they play the same songs over and over via request. The production was top notch, pyro, lasers, Xylo bands, confetti, they had
  2. Thanks! We were planning to get there around 5:30. Found a slightly smaller bag, so I should be OK.
  3. How strict are they on the bag rule. I have a small clutch that is maybe 2 inches longer than the dimensions listed but I have nothing else I can use?
  4. If there isn't an opener, that would mean Coldplay would be playing much longer sets than normal, and I'd be totally fine with that. However, it's more likely that they just haven't finalized the opening act yet.
  5. Ended up getting Section 5H row 43. I'm officially excited.
  6. Yeah, they don't sit down during the show, mostly. On occasion folks will sit down, but normally everyone is up. I've pulled 19L and Floor G. I'm still being indecisive.
  7. So I didn't actually get tix for Saturday. None of my friends want to go, but let me see what I can pull up for Sunday.
  8. The Rose Bowl does do seated floors for the pop shows they host. But, U2 was GA. Also, Coldplay did play a smaller stadium here and that floor was GA, so it's still possible it's a GA floor.
  9. No problem. I've seen many football games there (Go Trojans), and U2. You can do a shuttle from various parking lots in Pasadena, and the Gold Line station. I drove in for U2, paid through the nose for premium parking which was worth it as I drove right out. My friends tailgated for an hour before even attempting to leave. I've never taken the Gold Line in, but may do so for this.
  10. That probably takes some time to get used to. Heck there are people who are born here who forget. I'll keep my eye on Ticketmaster to see if they post a seating chart for this show. Just a warning, the Rose Bowl is a pain in the ass to get to. It's situated in an arroyo, and the parking is on a golf course. If you drive in, bring snacks for after because it will take a very, very long time to exit that infernal parking lot.
  11. I usually check out the layouts of the east coast shows that go on sale a few hours before the west coast. It gives me a good idea of where the prices breakdowns are and if there's GA or no. Outside of the VLV tour, Coldplay has had seated floors for the arena shows they've done here. Was on the floor at the Forum in seats.
  12. That's the advantage of being on the West Coast, we should be able to get a good idea of how the Rose Bowl will be set up by how the east coast stadiums are set up. I use those on sales as my dry run.
  13. Yay show! Boo Rose Bowl. Now the question is, do they have a GA or seated floor?
  14. Having seen a show at the Rose Bowl, it's an awful concert venue. The Hollywood Bowl is superior in every way. Also, smaller venue means more gigs in the same city. Personally, I'm hoping for the Forum with a GA floor. That venue is fantastic for concerts.
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