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  1. Love the version of Yellow. This is a great release. I just wish they had included Violet Hill on it.
  2. I guess NYC unfortunately. I finally got semi excited they might come to the southeast USA for something like this but that's just silly to think they'd do it in Atlanta or something. They play NYC a lot so it's probably there.
  3. Yeah the lower bowl being the same as the floor is weird. The VIP doesn't have a M&G does it?
  4. I justify it because they didn't tour at all for Ghost Stories (LOVE the album, literally love) and I haven't seen them in 4 (!) years. Face it - they won't be around forever and they're getting older. Maybe this is their last album, maybe not. Maybe they'll even come to Atlanta next year. Will I complain about the ticket prices in 10 years? No, certainly not. I'll look back and say WOW, those guys were in fantastic shape and that was a legendary concert that I'll forever remember. But dang, it does hurt for a little bit haha. I'll be paying these off for a while.
  5. Damn that presale. I swear Ticketmaster saves the really good seats for VIP or Citi card or something. I battled the presale for a good 20 minutes...had 2 phones and 2 computers going. Finally got some I was happy with. 10 hour trip to see this show, the closest to the southeast :furious3: $175 tickets - c'mon Coldplay. Rock acts charge $75~ for great seats - Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin Park, etc. Coldplay is a pop artist now and the ticket prices have just skyrocketed, geeze.
  6. Coming from near Savannah, GA for this. Can't believe there's no Atlanta on the tour - really surprising. After a lengthy battle with the Coldplay presale (2 computers, 2 phones), I got some decent seats in the 100s. REALLY expensive tour....I don't understand $175 tickets. Coldplay is a pop act now, so I guess that justifies them raising the ticket prices. But I'm coming.
  7. I am pretty disappointed they didn't use the momentum from the Super Bowl performance to announce a North American Tour.
  8. Well Adventure Of A Lifetime, Paradise, and Viva La Vida are confirmed. Let's see what else they do. If I had it my way I'd do: Viva Clocks (w/ Bruno) Hymn (w/ Beyonce) Fix You And insane production all around.
  9. http://coldplay.com/extra-shows-announced-for-nyc-chicago-and-la/
  10. I mean arena shows. Many and most large touring bands carry multiple touring rigs. In Coldplay's case, they'll have stadium rigs, maybe just one since they are on the weekend (or maybe two) and they'll have arena rigs. I expect them to play arenas in the middle of the week. You are right that they can't play stadium shows all week long as the setup and takedown time is just too big. Multiple rigs of gear is how Taylor Swift was able to play Atlanta in a stadium followed directly by arenas in Florida. Linkin Park uses multiple touring rigs to play Germany one day and England the next. Or a more
  11. I don't know if they'll add more or what. I'm surprised they are adding night 2's but I guess the sales so far have been great. They really must be thinking the Super Bowl will push sales big time. There are still no shows in the middle of the week. If they add 3 shows in the middle of each week, that's 15 shows and then there is a 2 week gap between Philly and LA. They could add potentially 8 shows there. They have room in the United States and Canada for 21-23 shows if they take advantage of the middle of the weeks. That's pretty extensive, but they are here in the U.S. from early July to
  12. Night two just added! http://www.ticketmaster.com/Coldplay-tickets/artist/806431?tm_link=edp_Artist_Name [MEDIA=twitter]694657757258125313[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://twitter.com/coldplay/status/694657757258125313
  13. Night two just added! http://www.ticketmaster.com/Coldplay-tickets/artist/806431?tm_link=edp_Artist_Name
  14. Night two just added! http://www.ticketmaster.com/Coldplay-tickets/artist/806431?tm_link=edp_Artist_Name
  15. They are adding second shows in some cities. http://www.ticketmaster.com/Coldplay-tickets/artist/806431?tm_link=edp_Artist_Name East Rutherford, Chicago, Pasadena. Holy shit.
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