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  1. www.coldplay.frbb.net Enjoy ;)

  2. Guys, I'm not a drinker, so I have to disappoint you : I didn't drink a sip of alcohol ! The reason : the party for my birthday is tomorrow :lol: Tonight, I went to a movie premiere :) Thanks for all your nice messages, they went straight to my heart and put a smile upon my face :love:
  3. Oh guys, that's soooo nice from you ! Thank you all ! Therese, you're great ! You told me you would remember and you did ! Congrats :lol:
  4. I spent such a great day with you ! :D I hope you had fun in Belgium (seems you had !) and England :)
  5. Steph, I'm such a huge fan of your pictures !!!! :lol: Great pic, hun :) You all look so happy !
  6. Mark : No, I'm not a shopaholic AT ALL. I've not been spending more than £40 in clothes since I'm there. This is why I hate telling you about my life, you always pretend to know EVERYTHING about EVERYONE !
  7. Ohhh, Christmas ! I was on Oxford Street and Regent Street today, and they put the lights on... It's just AMAZING ! Maybe I'm gonna ask for a Micro SD for my brand new Motorola Phone... and probably a bag from TopShop. Or maybe a new DVD... from the USA. The Last Kiss... That would be amazing... Oh gosh, I have to think about it or I'm gonna ask for too many things :p !!!!!!
  8. Haven't you noticed that everytime you ask me what I've been up to I don't wanna say it ?! I don't wanna tell everybody what my life is, that's all. And don't tell me you're not everybody, because YOU are :p ! Saiqa, uni is just BORING ! I don't like what I'm studying, I so need to change next september... But I'm dealing with it for the moment... I'm doing my best (or at least I think so :p) ! What about you ?
  9. Mark, I'm sorry to tell you that it's none of your business !!! Ohh Saiqa !! I feel suddenly of lot better to know I've not been the only one to be far from that board !! :p I'm great, actually ! I've just been spending the evening with Steph, it was great :) How are you ? :nice:
  10. Even if nobody's here, just wanted to say "Hi !" and I'm still alive, because apparently, some of you were doubting of it :p (Satisfied, Mark ?)
  11. I don't think I was really keeping it alive ! Maybe I've been missing a longer time than I thought, then...! Anyway, now we've changed of page, I'm gonna post my request again :wink: : Hey guys... any possibility that someone re-upload the songs ? :) The links aren't working anymore :( Thanks !
  12. I've not been missing that long... Have I :uhoh: ? Yep, Tube, Bus, and all the London stuff ;)
  13. Hey guys... any possibility that someone re-upload the songs ? :) The links aren't working anymore :( Thanks !
  14. Ahhhh !! I love it :nice: This was such a great evening... Hope to see you soon girls ! :D :kiss:
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