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  1. Free tickets are NOT obstructed! I emailed the Summer Krush gmail and asked if any of the free tickets were going to be in any obstructed view sections. This is the response I just got: "Samsung AT&T Summer Krush to me show details 5:33 PM (1 minute ago) Hi, As far as we know none of our allotment are obstructed view. It should be a great concert!" Awesome!!!! I'm driving over from AZ and super excited, especially since we all we actually be able to see the stage lol. :)
  2. Wedding Bells! He played Wedding Bells! That was the new song. It was AMAZING. :)
  3. Wow...If you watch this video, you can see when after Yellow Chris points at me and comes over to give me the setlist!!! And then he double takes when the security guard gave it to the wrong person. It sucks that they have to rush out after the show! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5mDSzfGWrU]YouTube - Coldplay live Phoenix Yellow 11/26/08[/ame]
  4. Here's a couple of pics, and me with my sign. I'll post some better pics later this week. Time for bed. http://picasaweb.google.com/dennis.mitchell/ColdplayPhoenix1126#5273245424739053154
  5. Yep that was me! I really thought they were going to play it... :( I'm just so mad at that woman...she KNEW he was trying to give it to me. I also tried waiting outside the venue before with signs for when they drove up...the security guard told me that they weren't there and to wait in a certain area that they'd drive by. I waited for 3 hours before another person told me that the band was already there and in soundcheck! It's still crazy how Chris reacted to my sign so positively! I agree that he was tired. THere were some parts of songs where I think he usually holds longer notes and tonight he didn't. He was still amazing though. I hope they start playing LITii! :) I was so pissed at the 10 or so guys sitting next to me in rows 2-3 that sat through half the concert! Such a shame...
  6. Just got back and it was amazing as usual. SAME SETLIST. NO NEW SONGS...but do I Have a story for you all! I made a sign that said "Play Life in Technicolor ii or Glass of Water." I was in the second row right next to the ramp of love, and I held up the sign right after the first encore (after DAAHF). Chris saw my sign, walked to the edge of the stage towards me and we had a mini conversation! He gave me the maybe hand sign, and strummed his hand like a guitar...like he didn't have the right guitar to play it...when all 4 band members were bowing, Chris pointed my sign out and they gave my a thumbs up! Well...they came out for yellow but they didn't play LITii or GOW :( BUT, after Chris came over to me again and pointed at me, tore off Johnny's setlist from the ground and threw it towards me!!!! But, it hit the security guard and he gave it to the snotty B$it$H shitting next to me! And she wouldn't give it to me!!! By that time, Chris was gone and they boys had left. It makes me so made because she didn't even sing during the show and probably didn't even know half of the songs... and she KNEW that Chris was trying to give it to me. Some people...she has thebbad karma now! But the fact that Chris and the whole band acknowledge me and my sign is so amazing!!! and he came over and tried to give me a setlist himself!!!! I'm so pumped up right now. I was really hoping that they'd play a new song for the last US stop this year. But, at least I got their attention :) I will post some pics/vids tomorrow...I'm still in disbelief that all this happened!
  7. No, it's not that far. Glendale borders the west side of Phoenix. With no traffic, the Arena is probably 20 minutes from downtown.
  8. Hi! Well I just bought a new pocket sized camcorder. It looks like a digital camera, so I'm hoping security wont notice me taping a lot. I'm also going to try to post setlist updates from my iPhone. I'm going to the venue early to camp out with my signs by the loading dock in hopes to get lucky and meet them! Rain is forcasted (In the desert...i know..what are the odds!)...but I'm hoping it won't matter. I'm in the front row so I'm hoping the videos are good! :) And I'm hoping they play some PM songs because it's the last USA date this year!
  9. I never can get in on my cell phone, but this time I called from my work phone (landline) and got in 3 times! The last time I won! So...if you are going to try to win a call in contest...use a real phone I guess. I can't image how amazing front row is going to be. Now if I can only meet the band my life will be complete lol :)
  10. Front Row I am so excited! I won Front Row Floor seats from Mix 969 (local radio station)!!!!! I can't believe it...I'm still in shock. This is so amazing. Now I just hope they play some of the PM songs!
  11. I got really excited when I first saw it because there was what looked like a link to buy and download it, but after you go to the page it just says "not available until" the 24th. I like the acoustic-ness of PM and NMFWTTG. :) Can't wait to hear full versions. My favorite by far from the samples tho is LITii. I won 4th row floor tickets to see them in Arizona in one week. I AM SO EXCITED and I can't wait!!! I hope they are playing these songs in the setlist! It's the last USA show on this leg of the tour, so I'm hoping for something special.
  12. new previews on amazon Hey...if you go to Amazon's mp3 download site here: [ame=http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001LMRCP2/ref=sr_f2_album_1?ie=UTF8&child=B001LMMH9S&qid=1227131780&sr=102-1]Amazon.com: Prospekt's March EP: MP3 Downloads: Coldplay[/ame] you can hear clips of the new songs. they are all the same that we've heard except the clip for Prospekt's March and there is a clip for Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground! It's not much, but it's something until we get full versions! :)
  13. Nothing can stop me from going! lol. I won 8th row seats from ticketmaster! I'm going to try to camp out at the venue in the small chance of actually meeting them.
  14. Phoenix, AZ was supposed to be this last sat but got pushed back until NOV 26TH!!! The day before thanksgiving! :( :( :(
  15. It was like that at Target and at Starbucks. I live in Phoenix, which is trending fairly liberal nowadays. It is on the wrapper, so, yes, it comes off, but I still think it's not right because the cover is artwork. I might be more open to it if it were a X-rated picture of a supermodel, but it's a painting about the French Revolution and lady liberty! Oh well. AT least they can't change the awesome music! :)
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