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  1. Well, thank God the AHFOD, MX era of songs is over. This album is so, so much better than the previous two IMHO. It's more refined, mature. I get heavy influences of U2, Echo and the Bunnymen and earlier Coldplay. Its not without its weaker points but in general a massive step in the right direction.
  2. The strangest thing is, 12 years ago if you said you liked Coldplay, you were classed as a depressive and boring, into music like Radiohead. Now you're classed as into light hearted Maroon 5 type of Sugarpop. It's such a strange turn around and downturn musically. Another thing that really bothered me about SB50 was the fact that the other members of the band may as well not have been there. Chris wasn't really well received and looked put of place in general but he was the main figure with Bey and Bruno Mars. I almost see AHFOD as his solo record because the instruments are so diluted und
  3. Chris' mid life crisis. Trying to be young again and "hip" , musically devolving.
  4. Beyonce and Bruno Mars ruined it. It was Coldplays Superbowl halftime show and they were pushed out by Bey and Bruno.
  5. I can't believe Chris said he wrote a song for Beyonce called "Hook Up" which Beyonce said was rubbish and didn't want to use?! Come on. Chris, get real what are you doing? , you're losing the plot in LA. You ard your band are so far away from all that nonsense. All the "left shark" laughing at Coldplay also :-( I despair for what Coldplay have become and the talent they're leaving behind.
  6. Outdone by Beyonce and Bruno Mars. Just not at all what Coldplay are at heart, they're not this Superbowl, showbiz, glitzy band that they're trying to be. Just get back to basics and what you're good at Chris, all this Hollywood stuff just isn't you or your band.
  7. Commercial rubbish designed to sell songs and albums. It all marketing and done for $$$$$$.
  8. My hand often goes in that direction also but I'm not dancing or singing at that time :-0
  9. 1. Jumping around grabbing crotch. 2. Beyonce. 3. Sugary Synths/Neon Colours. 4. Hymn For The Weekend. 5. Cringing/Embarrassment.
  10. It's an affliction that affects a lot of us! :-0
  11. Yeah, I agree. It's a shockingly bad album really. Lazy, poor songwriting and terrible production. Coldplay really need to have a look at what's going on with themselves.
  12. So how is AHFOD sounding to you now after roughly 2 months? Still sounds awful to me. Little or no redeeming features and in general a really poor album.
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