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  1. :lol: :lol: :lol: Can't believe this thread is still going.
  2. 1. what shall i have for lunch. 2. is wearing slippers out in public as cool as i originally thought. 3. how my old coldplaying friend Angela is keeping. 4. why i can't train my mind to come here more often than i dao. 5. how i can get my role as a moderator back
  3. do you know the lady in my avatar is actually a serial killer who along with her hubby raped, murder and buried thier victims on the moors of yorkshire?
  4. God i haven't been on here in ages and this threasd is still going strong!
  5. i was in France people and the photos will be up soon. I also spent a few days in Paris ... which was cool, though i've been before, but there is so much to do.
  6. Just got back from my hols and i'm ready to start spending all day on this thing!
  7. Haven are a great band ... and you're going to laugh when i say this but anyway ... they sound like barfly my friends band. In fact the two bands have great respect for each other ... attending each others gigs ... and have been known to share the odd beer!
  8. Rumour for this Week Noel Gallagher will play three songs before Coldplay take to the stage in Rome. The Coral will also play support for the band.
  9. Sad Song Sing a sad song In a lonely place Try to put a word in for me It's been so long Since I found this place You better put in two or three We as people, are just walking 'round Our heads are firmly fixed in the ground What we don't see Well it can't be real What we don't touch we cannot feel Where we're living in this town The sun is coming up and it's going down But it's all just the same at the end of the day And we cheat and we lie Nobody says it's wrong So we don't ask why Cause it's all just the same at the end of the day We're throwing it all away We're thr
  10. i wasn't calling you a whore ... i prefer to be known as "man whore" than "slut" :)
  11. i don't need half an hour give us 60 seconds and i'd be spent. :lol:
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