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  1. crap, this is the one i was gonna go to. what rotten luck!
  2. I went to this arena back in Janurary 06 and it was fun, but traffic was the pits. I was looking forward to going to the Sacramento date, but then it got canceled!! anyone know why they did that? now oakland is gone too.
  3. cuutee! i can already imagine how cute the kids will sound w/ their lil accents
  4. that boy is the cutest thing alive!!! they have the most adorable children ever, and they look exactly like their papa :-)
  5. wow, thats cool. I always imagined her to want to raise children in NYC, but maybe the area where they lived wasn't exactly the scene she wanted her children to be around. plus, she's always going on about how much she loves england etc... not to mention that's where the band records and gears up, it makes sense.
  6. i bet him drunk would be hilarious. he seems like he'd be very happy and loud in a fun way. not in a weird, moody depressive way, which is how some people get and its not enjoyable to say the least... and its not bad boy at all, its not like he is sitting at home by h imself downing 3 bottles of jack. now that would be worriesome.
  7. I don;t really enjoy her voice. I say no. haha
  8. too cute for words :-) is it just me, or does gwyn look alot better now after having children than she ever did before? i was watching Emma which was done about 10 years ago, and she looked gorgeous, but kinda hard and cold. Now, especially when she is with her kids, she looks softer, more playful... not to mention i LOVE her long flowy blonde hair..
  9. wow this is crappy! hopefully things will get better for both of them after this decisions... i bet the constant touring and recording puts alot more strain on a couple than anyone can imagine.
  10. uh i dont think so. those shirts make everybody look pregnant haha. plus if she was preggers, im sure everything would be getting bigger (aka boobs, face etc). but i do like her necklace, very pretty....
  11. This is from the Ny Post Page six section.... WHEN Chat Noir owner Suzanne Latapie booked her East 66th Street bistro for a party for photographer Taryn Simon last Thursday, she had no idea Simon is the girlfriend of Jake Paltrow, brother of Gwyneth. So it was a New York moment when they all came directly from the Whitney Museum - where Simon's work just went on view at a Larry Gagosian- backed exhibition - along with Blythe Danner; Gwynnie's husband, Chris Martin; Ste ven Spielberg and Kate Cap shaw, Michelle Pfeiffer and Michael Stipe (R.E.M.). The starved crowd went to town on Parmesan
  12. she looked absolutely beautiful and fresh and kept saying that she wanted to say hi to her family. she was winking at some of the cameras during the interviews and saying that it was her way of saying hi to her family...
  13. she looks pretty glammed up in those pics. that jacket that she was wearing is amazing
  14. partyblogger from instyle.com had nothing but wonderful things to say about gwyneth when he ran into her during a sundance film festival party. here's the link, here's a copy of what he wrote. "Gwyneth Paltrow is the most glamorous sight I’ve seen since arriving at Sundance. Since I forgot to pack my camera, picture this: lustrous blond locks, radiant complexion, a simply chic black sweater dress with matching leggings and suede boots. In a word, gorgeous. But something was slightly wrong with this picture, as it turned out. Studio_400x315 In Style’s Sundance studio was a magnet for s
  15. gwyneth was mentioned on the celebrity blog perez hilton and there was a picture of her in the star tracks of people.com today. she was photographed while reading to young kids. cute pics if anyone sees them. also, she is doing the sundance thing with her new film that her brother directed..... seems all is good in the martin-paltrow household.... and i dont think that she is pregnent. well, who knows, but she just poppedo ut moses not so long ago.
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