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  1. I was talking about the French PArachutes promo in a blue cardsleeve with the "film photo" on the front, like you posted on the previous page actually
  2. Do you know any sites like popsike.com but for CD's? I knew one, but I fogrot the name and can't seem to find it. Or any other site that can be used to find the value of cd's by the amount it sold for in recent auctions?
  3. Oh sorry for the mixup, it was NO1CPfan who has it then. I do have it in my collection though, I was just wondering how much it goes for nowadays.
  4. Yes it's true, it's a great item. Has been really really rare in the beginning, but graduately more copies started to pop up. Still kind of rare in comparison to other items (the other Parachutes/For You French promo for example) Mind if I ask how much you paid? Just out of curiosity
  5. EIL.com once had it on sale for about 37 euros as well. Must've been a wrong price or anything back then. Didn't stay on sale for long either ;)
  6. And okay, the last auction has been 3 years ago, so I guess we can asume that it will be worth more now if a copy comes online again. But not by 1000 gbp Btw, I own a copy as well and I paid about 130 euros for it. If you want, you can have it for 1400 gbp, you can still make a good 100 gbp profit with it right ;-)
  7. Thanks to lostcoldplayer: HERE is proof that the vinyl is not worth near 1500gbp. Congrats if you were able to find the one nutjob willing to pay that amount for the vinyl. But that doesn't mean that that is the average value of it
  8. I think he is right though: Don't Panic doesn't sell for over 200€, the ode tape does because it is considered a one of a kind.
  9. Hi! thanks for your interest. And yup, that one is still for sale, although I have to tell it isn't in the best of conditions. Anyways, send me a PM and we'll discuss it over there.
  10. It's the Uk/Eu cd digipack that has 2 these versions
  11. Aha, the green tint version, yes I still have that one! And well if you want I can keep the What If aside for you, Im not in a hurry to sell
  12. Mylo Xyloto releases You can always send me a PM for more information and/or pictures of specific releases ETIAW Eu/uk cardsleeve v1 Eu/uk cardsleeve v2 Canadian cardsleeve Uk cd-r promo v1 (white cd) Uk cd-r promo v2 (regular cd) Danish cd-r promo Us promo Charlie Brown Eu/uk cardsleeve promo Us cardleeve promo Mylo Xyloto Argentina cd album Thailand cd promo Capitol cd promo Uk parlophone cd-r
  13. VLVODAAHF releases You can always send me a PM for more information and/or pictures of specific releases Violet Hill Eu promo Us promo Argentinian promo Viva La Vida Uk promo cardsleeve Us promo cardsleeve Life In Technicolour ii Uk promo Lost Us promo (red) Lovers In Japan Uk cardsleeve promo Strawberry Swing Eu/uk cardsleeve promo Viva La Vida Or Deat And All Of His Friends Indonesian cassette Japanese release digipack Japanese longbox release Japanese release cdcase Vlv interview Thailand release Tour edition malaysia Us promo Pro
  14. X&Y releases: You can always send me a PM for more information and/or pictures of specific releases Speed Of Sound Eu digipack Eu cardsleeve Eu slimline Australian digipack Japanese slimline Us promo cardsleeve Brazil slimline promo Mexican cardsleeve promo japanese promo sampler Fix You Eu cardsleeve Eu digipack Eu slimline Japanese slimline Talk Eu cardsleeve Eu slimline Dutch 3cd set (complete, with cardboard inserts) Australian slimline Uk cardsleeve promo Uk cd-r promo Dvd single Thin white duke cd-r promo Us remixes US promo The Hardest Part
  15. AROBTTH : You can always send me a PM for more information and/or pictures of specific releases In My Place Uk digipack Eu cardsleeve Eu slimline Australian slimline Eu cardsleeve promo Us promo Japanese dvd case promo The Scientist Uk digipack Eu slimline Uk promo cardsleeve v1 Uk promo cardsleeve v2 (different catalogue number) Us promo Eu dvd single Clocks Eu slimline Uk digipack Eu cardsleeve French cardsleeve Us release Canadian slimline Australian slimline Japanese ep release Dvd single Dutch 3cd release Uk cardsleeve promo Us promo Australian
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