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  1. So many are already comparing it to AHFOD, which could be good or bad. I loved AHFOD but so far i havent loved MOTS, I hope my opinion chnages after I get a full listen in
  2. I have improved a bunch since i last posted something piano related on here, it's notperfect and there are some mistakes but let me know what you think! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIlLmHVLIqg
  3. Hey guys I was wondering if you guys had any iphone backgrounds for the new era?
  4. I love them and all but did they really deserve this? I think Black keys would have been better suited. I still don't know why lorde is classified as rock. Also I wouldn't call ghost stories a rock album either. But anyways congrats coldplay!
  5. Poor Apple and Moses. I hope that Gwyneth and Chris can still be civil with the children.
  6. Yup here we go with the news article http://www.nme.com/news/coldplay/84774 Poor chris :( I hope that this doesn't effect a head full of dreams. I don't want a ghost stories part 2.
  7. Miami but I doubt I'll still live near there so maybe orlando or the tampa area.
  8. I'm so excited for LP8 I hope they go back to there roots! I hope its more rock and has songs like violet hill in it! I'm really sick of the pop shit.
  9. The media is the worst they take every little thing out of context and blow it out of proportion.
  10. Not in love with the title it sounds like a mix between a sky full of stars and a rush of blood
  11. I'm pretty skeptical right now. But it got me interested!
  12. This is seriously so cool! I am amazed right now!
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