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  1. So no one has any idea on how to possible meet them after the show?
  2. is anyone going to try and meet them after the concert?
  3. happy birthday, have a wonderful day :)

  4. I would record it.. but i'm away so i won't be able to. And yeah, they recorded it when the band were here in New Zealand.
  5. Just a heads up that Chris Martin will be on Jono's New Show on c4, at 8.30pm on Monday night. Looks to be quite funny, i've never seen the show before.
  6. photos from this concert - http://www.thealist.co.nz/events/coldplay-vector-arena/node/43757
  7. Lol i got to the concert and was looking everywhere for where they were going to go for the acoustic set, they went to basically where i was sitting! - on the other side lol. I hate how getting seat tickets is all about luck lol. Some of my photos, taken with a phone (because my camera couldn't take photos): LOL they don't really compare to everyone else's great photos.
  8. It was in our Sunday newspapers, it wasn't like in gossip pages or anything. It was kinda just saying to NZers, look!! He likes New Zealand! They did say the whole thing 5 years ago was a rumour, so i don't think they are trying to stir gossip or anything. I didn't type up the bit where is says about other celebrities who have partied in auckland and things. We are a small country, this is exciting for us! :)
  9. Big image: Sorry my scanner wasn't able to get the right side so well, but i'm pretty sure everyone can make it out. I think its really cute what he said about mums :)
  10. This was in the new zealand herald today, tried to find link to article but couldn't, so i typed it up: Coldplay Front man Chris Martin stepped down the from stage and behind the bar in one of Auckland's hippest bars to make cocktails. After Thursday night's concert for 12,000, Martin went out on the town with kiwi support singer Hollie Smith. The pair have struck up a strong friendship, and her boyfriend TV and radio presented Clarke Gayford says they plan to keep in touch. The band signed a thank-you card for Smith and gave her an expensive champagne before the group headed out to Mea
  11. http://tvnz.co.nz/close-up/coldplay-extended-interview-18-44-2569683 Coldplay on Close-up, got a feeling only nzers can watch though.
  12. Out of interest, did anyone else get really worried about Chris at the end of 42?? I thought oh yep, having us on, but then he kept breathing really weirdly and in pain, and it looked like he was gonna fall off his chair, i freaked out to my mum haha "Oh my god!!! There is something seriously wrong with him!!!" and then he belted out that really long note..
  13. set list was the same i think, except they didn't do speed of sound acoustic, they did Will's song (which apparently he wrote while Chris Martin was playing cricket for New Zealand (cuz we have a bowler named chris martin) :P)
  14. well the concert was great!!! The boys were great! (loved the part when Chris asked Jonny if he was in love, and he replied YEAH! And Chris was like, "you are f***ing awesome!". The crowd.. oh boy, nz crowds need to work on being.. a crowd. I was really excited about the viva la vida mix where everyone waves their phones and sings along... yeah... didn't quite happen. I think chris kinda thought the same.. when he wasn't expecting a yes when he asked how the crowd was.. still, a great concert!! got some good videos
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