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  1. I think they're making the same mystake as 4 years ago, when they posmonded the announced release date of "x&y", and capital records lost 15% on the share market....
  2. dawin45

    New album?

    we know chris, if hes gonna find a suitable object in his sarroundings, he would rename the songs...
  3. dawin45

    New album?

    I hope it, they will release it soon, probably in april, cas the "capital records" share price would drop significantly. as it did when they posmonded the relsease of x&y...
  4. you all might be right! cas chris doesn't even know german... lol
  5. I don't know it might be him, but he lucks like chris from the profile point of view, and facial hair resemblence...
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EIW2JXs2Bg now here is what I was talking about, I had to search for it all day...
  7. 45624 lol (Is it the number of traks coldplay made?) tunned exterior or tunned engine
  8. Well recently I turned on my tv, and whatched a commercial, and saw that the driver of one wolks.... was in fact no actor, it was Chris Martin... am I right?
  9. white shadows talk (1rst version((not on album/never was published nor on tv/radio) or spyes...
  10. dawin45


    yeb buying T shirts is helping the blood hungry zombies so please keep those donations comming... so did you like the new band members?
  11. dawin45


    AFter bandaid,liveaid,and other aids a new aid was founded by Coldplay zombaid...
  12. so from what I've read from this topic coldplay is anti enviroment(not) , so do you want for Coldpaly to go to the american continent just by a wind boat?or what?it's not theyre fault cas they use a plane...its the goverments foult cas they don't want to use hidrogen power...
  13. wellcome back, but I don't ussually memorise the all the people that are in the forums...
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