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  1. Round 1: Life In Technicolor vs. Mylo Xyloto Round 2: Lovers In Japan vs. Hurts Like Heaven Round 3: Cemeteries Of London vs. Paradise Round 4: Violet Hill vs. Major Minus Round 5: Viva La Vida vs. Charlie Brown Round 6: Strawberry Swing vs. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall Round 7: Lost! vs. Princess Of China Round 8: 42 vs. Up In Flames Round 9: Yes vs. Us Against The World Round 10: Reign Of Love vs. U.F.O. Round 11: Chinese Sleep Chant vs. Don't Let It Break Your Heart Round 12: The Escapist vs. A Hopeful Transmission Final Round: Death And All
  2. It was awesome seeing you too! And tell Kevin thank you for me. That was really sweet of him! I look forward to seeing you again during their next time in the US!
  3. That review is impossible to follow considering how close I sat to this guy (only 2 rows apart) but Imma review it anyways. Unlike Tuesday night, I consciously decided not to take a lot of pictures and just enjoy the concert, and that I did. Wednesday was 10x better than Tuesday and that is solely due to the crowd and how the boys fed off of it. At times, the sound was deafening. Since the review above me covered everything, I just have to say OMFG to finally getting to hear Amsterdam in its entirety. I distinctly remember seeing Chris lean in to whisper something to Will, then Jonny, t
  4. Welp. There is not much to be said that hasn't already been said. I will add that I was one of the lucky ones to get upgraded (front row on Jonny's side) but I have no proof. I found out yesterday when I went to upload my pictures that my sd card for my camera was corrupted and saved NONE of my pictures. It was one of the greatest nights of my life (AND I got so many good crotch pictures!) and I have nothing to show for it. I was not in the panorama picture because I had to go the bathroom before the boys went on and I cannot find my ticket. I'm praying it shows up. The show itself liter
  5. This is probably wrong but... Copenhagen 10/30/05?
  6. Ahhh so awesome! I almost cried again just listening to it! So brilliant that we got to experience it first-hand!
  7. Hey you! Afterparty rocker! I'm the big & tall dude in the checkered shirt on the 7th! Nice that I could meet you while waiting for the band... :D

  8. I've been trying so hard not to freak out all week! I cannot wait for these two shows! Hope to see some fellow Coldplayers again!
  9. Those are amazing! You captured everything perfectly! Sorry bout the ticket, that seems to be going around...but 13th row on guys side is what most of the people in the arena would have killed to have :laugh3: ...at least I would have...
  10. I'm section 102 by some kind of miracle. Right in between the stages!
  11. Based on a certain picture from @Jayreg1969 I saw in the Edmonton thread, I'm super stoked on my seat now! 113 days!
  12. Since I felt the urge to look up the seating chart, have fun to everyone in section 108 and 106! :sneaky::shocked2::wink3:
  13. Hey Kelly! I hope to see you there! We had such a blast on the Viva tour!
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