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  1. Hi everyone. Hope all of you are doing well. Just came by to once again praise this absolute grandiose piece of music. Maybe I have gone mad but everytime I hear this song my mind goes to so many places. Good places. Anyway just wanted to say that. So fucking amazing. Take care.
  2. Hellogoodbye - Summer of the Lily Pond
  3. My guess is this song was supposed to be included in Avicii's 2019 posthumous album "TIM" (which I actually like a lot) but didn't make the cut. I remember that in a interview back in 2010, Chris said that they were writing a lot of songs in preparation for getting old (something about writing music up to the age of 33) so maybe it makes sense that there's plenty of leftover material from that era.
  4. The lyrics to "Church" and "Trouble In Town" are now available at Coldplay's website along with the other ones that were up already (Arabesque, Orphans and Everyday Life).
  5. I wonder if the verse in this song that talks about the "Holy Roman Army" is in reference to the catholic church. These lyrics are so reminiscent of the VLV era.
  6. Here's the story behind the man that speaks at the end of this song. His name was Agustin Lopez Pacheco and was featured in a short documentary film back in 2012 about his dream of building a helicopter at his home in a small town in Honduras. He was a very religious man but at the same time he was sadled with disabilty from an early age as he was born with polio. Unfortunately he passed away some time ago but his story lives on in the way of this short film. If you don't like the sample with his voice maybe watch the video. I feel like I understand why Chris wanted to include it in
  7. That's interesting. I wonder if "Wedding Bells" has a studio version. I guess they kind of recycled that one (Christmas Lights) but I would think they were far into the recording sessions if they had multiple songs to go in that project. Unfortunately, we may never find out.
  8. Parachutes: Shiver A Rush of Blood to the Head: Clocks X&Y: Talk Viva la Vida: Violet Hill Mylo Xyloto: Us Against The World Ghost Stories: Fly On A Head Full of Dreams: Birds Everyday Life: Champion of the World
  9. I forgot to include my survey: Life In Technicolor vs. Sunrise Cemeteries Of London vs. Church Lost! vs. BrokEn 42 vs. Trouble In Town Lovers In Japan vs. Daddy Reign Of Love vs. WOTW/POTP Yes vs. Arabesque Chinesse Sleep Chant vs. When I Need A Friend Viva La Vida vs. Orphans Violet Hill vs. Guns Strawberry Swing vs. Èkó/Cry Cry Cry/Old Friends Death And All His Friends vs. Champion Of The World The Escapist vs. Everyday Life Viva La Vida - 7 Everyday Life - 6 Long live the king (Pun intended) :D.
  10. Wow. This song has grown on me so much. It might end up in my top 5 songs off the album. The lyrics are so powerful, beautiful and carry a great message. It's crazy how the band's B-sides over the years end up being some of their best songs.
  11. Hi everyone! So Viva La Vida is and will always be my favorite album by the band and after hearing this record I could not stop thinking how much listening to this new music made me feel reminiscent of the wonder and excitement of the VLV era. I know there are many diferences between this two records and that many of the songs do not compare well against each other but I wanted to try anyway so I came up with this: Life In Technicolor vs. Sunrise Cemeteries Of London vs. Church Lost! vs. BrokEn 42 vs. Trouble In Town Lovers In Japan vs. Daddy Reign Of Love vs. WOTW/POTP Yes vs. Ara
  12. I think that title might be the one Guy mentioned was originally going to be for LP8 before "Everyday Life" came around. Not sure though.
  13. It's this: [MEDIA=twitter]1197900561628221440[/MEDIA]
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