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  1. LOL wow I didn't know this will be this huge, but I really hear the host of Escenario telling that, she was presenting new videos from new singles, and when she said 'here's Coldplay and their new single White Shadows' I was like :o OMG and they show them in a concert singing White Shadows. So, now I really hope is true because you are gonna kill me if it isn't, even if I inocent :/ hahaha. I gotta said I love white shadows since the day I heard it from the first time, and If WS is not a single, it would be like not letting Clocks be a single. So now I REALLY CROSSING MY FINGERS FOR WHITE SHA
  2. I don't get it, yesterday I was watching tv and at 'Escenario' a show from CNN latin america, they were presenting new singles and they say 'White Shadows' was the next single. I hope is true, but I read here that Radio 1 say 'The Hardest Part' was, so now I'm confused, which is it? Paul :rolleyes:
  3. Hi, does anybody has Gravity Studio Version?, I've been dying to hear it since for ever. So if you have it, please, please, please send it to me to: [email protected] If you have 'Sleeping Sun' send it too. I have Talk (First Version) if you want it. Thanks Paul :rolleyes:
  4. What about the songs guys, can someone send them to me? Paul :rolleyes:
  5. I don't get it, I found this image at google, Is it the real cover? Is Talk the next single? Another question, Can someone send me 'The World Turned Upside Down' and 'Poor Me (live)' to [email protected]? Thanks!!! Paul :o
  6. I paid a lot!!! $28,90 Argentinian money, that's ARG$1.00 = U$S3.90 BUT IT'S TOTALLY WORTH IT PAUL :)
  7. Acá esta una de mis canciones favoritas del album traducidas, espero que les guste!!! Paul :) X&Y Tratando fuerte de hablar Y pelear con mi mano debil Conduciendo a la distraccion Tan parte del plan Cuando algo esta roto Y tratas de arreglarlo Tratas de repararlo De cualquier manera que puedas Me sumerjo en el profundo final Te conviertes en mi mejor amigo Te quiero amar pero no se si podré Se que algo está roto Y trato de arreglarlo Tratando de arreglarlo de cualquier manera que pueda Uuuhhhh, uuuuuuh Uuuhhhh, uuuuuuh Tu y yo estamos flotando en una h
  8. Oh, thanks man, cause I didn't save them on my computer. Paul :)
  9. Yesterday I post new lyrics on the other board, how can I get there??? Paul :/
  10. De nada!!! Me encanta traducir letras, sobre todo las de Coldplay, son geniales!!! Pablo :)
  11. Ok, thanks boss!!! It's really great that you put my translation on the site, I really love that, thanks!!! Paul :)
  12. Here's the complete translation from the album version of What If?, enjoy Aqui tienen la letra en español de What If? la version del cd, espero que les guste Pablo / Paul / ColdplayMind :) Que Pasaria Si? QUe pasaria si no hubiera mentira Nada incorrecto, nada correcto Que pasaria si no hubiera tiempo Ni razon, ni rima Que pasaria si decidieras Que no me quieres ahi a tu lado Que no me quieres en tu vida Que pasaria si entendi mal Y ningun poeta o cancion Pudiera componer lo que hice mal O hacerte sentir que te pertenezco Que pasaria si decidieras Que no me qu
  13. Hola, acá les mando la traduccion del tema 'White Shadows' la version del cd. Espero que les guste, amo esta cancion!!! Hey, here's White Shadows spanish lyrics, from the album version, hope you like it, I already love this song!!! Paul / Pablo / ColdplayMind :) Sombras Blancas Cuando era un niño Trataba de escuchar Y quiero sentirme asi Pequeñas sombras blancas parpadean y resplandecen Parte del sistema, soy Si alguna vez sientes que algo está perdido? Cosas que nunca entenderas Pequeñas sombras blancas que parpadean y resplandecen Soy parte de un sistema, un plan
  14. I don't have a credit card, so I can't buy it. Please, someone send me the single version of Things I Don't Understand (not the radio version) to [email protected] Thanks :)
  15. You're wellcome Ian, there's something I told you but I don't think you read it. In the translation of 'Speed Of Sound' I put 'vuelvan' but it should said 'vuelan' I hope you can fix it. Paul / ColdplayMind / Pablo / 3 :)
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