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  1. i think im the worst typer ever... but as im typing in another language i try to do it ok so yo dont get confused... bye kiss...
  2. well im very concerned... i cant believe this... ive been crying.. and today its 7/7/7 (2+0+0+5) and bombs in seven places... everything with seven... i awnt to know what bush said... im very worried i hope everyone its ok and that davids brother its ok... but we dont have to forget that things like this happen every day in medio oriente... the truth is people are dying and why??... we live in a fucking world... all messed up... where is the love... where is the care.. im just glad it didnt happen in the live 8.... it was the perfect target... nothing else to say... Aldeana!
  3. the singer from the killers is beautiful... but from that list coldplay radiohead oasis even keane are far from the killers please! any
  4. i was between coldplay, radiohead oasis and the strokes...
  5. aldeana

    conspiracy theory

    coldplay has made his own history... they have their own weight.. so they don´t need publicity... besides chris is amrreid to a famous actress...
  6. jaja 13 what... cause dollars here are arround $39
  7. mm im not going to pay more than $21 argentinos (im sure i will)
  8. how much did you pay for it?
  9. ya ya too... mexico has the same process as brazil... so... Mexico Brazil Argentina Colombia Chile
  10. ya ya... you got centre process i mean good industries... you are a semiperifery (i am making these words up) and we are a perifey...
  11. Argentina over colombia over Chile... the are coming they are coming lala lala
  12. ohh no!!--- i want lots of cds... not just three... but well is up to them....
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