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  1. Thoughts and prays that everyone is ok there
  2. I repeat it is not the Coldplay concert
  3. It is not the Coldplay concert
  4. Also there are two Apollos in Lonndon and I've just read this: A rescue operation is under way at the Apollo theatre after part of the building collapsed. Police confirmed they were called to the theatre in Shaftesbury Avenue shortly after 8.15pm. Members of the audience are believed to have been injured. People are trapped inside, according to reports. There have also been reports that the balcony has collapsed. Eyewitnesses said they saw people being escorted out of the building, covered in dust and debris. The theatre is currently showing The Curious Incident of the D
  5. Apparently 5 people injured, just seen. This is not confirmed
  6. Bbc breaking news: Balcony collapse at Apollo theatre....
  7. Just had a phonecall from a friend telling me Coldplay were playing a pub nearby. I quickly jumped in my car and made the 17 mile round trip. I turned up but a security guard would not me in. He wasn't giving away any details, just told me it was a private function. I could hear them and they were playing Charlie Brown as I left. I was going to hang around but I reckon they would be staying late. Start of LP6?
  8. Hello! I was flicking through the Radio Times (Famous UK magazine) and I was looking at the TV schedules around xmas. It stated that Coldplay will be on Top of The Pops this year. Apparently they won't be on the actual show but they have sent in a video of them performing 'Paradise'. Hope this hasn't already been said. Cheersss Not sure which date it will be, will have to double check. Might be xmas day. EDIT: It is xmas day. The description states; 'Coldplay couldn't make it, but they've sent in exclusive footage of themselves playing Paradise.'
  9. Coldplay are mainstream, their albums are always promoted with the intention of going to number 1 in the charts. If Coldplay had never become mainsteam they would never have played all those fantastic arenas or stadiums across the globe. I agree songs like Yellow and Clocks are made for the masses, hence why they are still played on the likes of radio 1 in the UK and other big stations around the world. What I will say is that Coldplay, unlike other mainstream acts tend to have slightly more creativity about them which is not necessarily a dig, just a fact when you listen to such acts as Kesha
  10. Hey, it's me :) Don't know if you know but the Coldplaying awards are coming up, would you please vote me for biggest Chris Martin fan 2012 please? Would mean the world!

  11. haa that made me laugh, that moustache is a whopper. Becks' appeal is more than looks. He has done what ever Englishman wants to do. Captain their country and score the winning pen against Argentina. LAD
  12. The way you feel for CM is the same way all English Men feel for David Beckham, what a man.
  13. I'll give you a packet of tick tacs and a signed picture of myself for the drumsticks and for the jacket, lets say an old playstation 1 with Crash Bandicoot the game? Going once, going twice.....
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